Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Simon Hunt Bookmark giveaway! The posts and comments were so much fun to read.

Thirty winners have been selected for autographed bookmarks of Mr. Hunt, as well as the brand new Gravity bookmarks! Simon Hunt and Logan Cross's bare chests, to be safely tucked against your spine! Yay

Your emails are coming, so be sure to check your spam folders in case, and send me your address info.
Preceding numbers are the entry number:

Show Info
1170 Robbin Coane
1390 Sandra K Franklin
1200 Kathy Power
140 Traci Horton
1540 Tori Malone
840 desiree
10 Sarah Cope
370 Karen G
1490 Maranda Jones
1760 Kiearieanna Quam
1210 Echo Hill
1180 Tanya Y.
1330 Wilda Sowell
450 Tanja Brewer
550 Kendell Piller
1320 Sarah Jordan
1780 Jaime Steinman Jones
1830 Christy Webb
1580 MaryAnn Hawkins
720 Viviana Izzo
1680 Delena Braithwaite
1270 Corey Wisniewski
1620 Shanna Rankin
1470 Joanette Fountain
350 Daisy Kennedy
240 Alyssa Chen
800 Rachel A Olson
90 Kris Pittman
1290 Tina Hammond
530 Jennifer Vallance

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