Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vacay is Over

This is the last weekend of my vacation, so I'm a little down about it. I enjoyed the free time and decided I need to live a life of spoils instead of working 12-18 hours a day. This morning I made waffles and sat down to design a new set of bookmarks. I think they came out really well and I'm going to be reviewing the proofs tomorrow and ordering the first batch. These will be promoting Gravity!

I've also ordered my 2nd proof for Impulse. I finished up the back text design and my formatter worked on the interior to tighten up a few things. I'm not sure why, but I really love this paperback the most. I'm attached with each design, but there's something about this one that grabs me.

Winners from a Facebook giveaway will be receiving Mageri bookmarks in the next week or so. An autographed Sterling giveaway is coming to a close on Goodreads, but you still have a few days to enter! I'm pretty floored that over 1100 people have entered. I've won Goodreads giveaways, so you should enter these because you never know!

These are aresome koozie/bookend/decor from an awesome fan. You rock, Joliene! I love to see the enthusiasm readers have for the series, and over the course of the last year or two I've seen Christmas ornaments and postcards (ty nina and rachel), received sketched fan art (or just fan art), fanmade videos (ty liliana), handmade card with bracelet (ty rachel), "Closer" frying pans, and I'm probably forgetting things. I sure don't ask for gifts and don't expect anyone to send me anything, so it's been a surprise. I'm simply happy with you guys showing up on my blog and Facebook page and recommending me to friends.

And I love hearing those stories as well, about a reader giving the books to their parents, siblings, or book club. And thank you for posting reviews (no matter how brief) on Amazon/Goodreads, because that counts as a huge show of support. I try to appreciate everything that comes my way, and the love of the series has been amazing.

I've also been nominated for Best Indie Book 2012 on The Bookish Brunnette, so woohoo for that and also for seeing so many book sites supporting Indies in different ways. Be sure to go cast your vote for your fave by April 7.


  • Gravity Cover Art
  • Finalizing Impulse in Paperback
  • Reviewing feedback from betas on Gravity
  • Editing the "Book White" project
  • Organizing fun Giveaway on Facebook
  • Another edit of Gravity
  • Handing over Gravity to the editor
  • Writing the blurb for Gravity
  • Organizing a book tour
  • Handing "Book White" to the betas
  • Possibly working on the sequel to "Book White"
  • Final edit of Gravity post-editor
  • Possibly publishing Gravity (we'll see how the edit goes)
  •  Post-beta feedback edits on "Book White"
  • Possibly working on the sequel to "Book White"
  • Beginning Mageri Book 5

There's a lot of "iffies" above on certain things. It depends on how quickly I finish other projects. The "Book White" project goes to my editor in June with no publication date set. I'd like to actually hammer out a sequel and see if this could be a series before deciding. Also, if things are zipping along amazingly fast, I might start writing Mageri Book Five in April. I probably need to make a checkoff list of some kind for myself because I'm sure that I'm forgetting things up there.

I'm really hoping with Gravity that readers love the book enough to put up reviews, recommend to others, and show their support. It's a long and arduous road to publishing a book, so it truly does mean a lot.


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