Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sterling hit the Best Seller list

It's worth a blog.

This week ramped up a big promotion for STERLING, Book 1 of the Mageri Series. When it hit the top 100 on Barnes and Noble, I had to sit down.

As of today, it's climbed as high as #16.
Just to let that sink in, that means out of all the books being sold on Nook, Sterling is the 16th top seller.

Yeah. Breathe in, breathe out.

The thing is, I'm not writing for the sole purpose of hitting any best seller list. I'm not as savvy with marketing as others, and simply focus on writing a story that I love and believe in, hoping that readers are in for the experience. Let's face it: PNR/UF books just don't make those top 100 lists unless they're by bigtime authors. The only rushing I'm doing is making my editing deadlines, which thankfully, I've been able to. What's really cool are the readers who seek me out on Facebook who I get to chat with. I love sharing some of the art I make, and giving away books and bookmarks, as well as other prizes, even if the shipping costs are ridiculous.

That being said, I'm still a little stunned I'm sitting on ANY best seller list. Promoting, ads, marketing, price point - it's all a crap shoot. It boils down to what the reader wants to invest in. Word of mouth has helped a lot, as well as reviews and promotion. Book bloggers have been wonderful in supporting the series (and indie authors in general).

It's a little distracting to know that Sterling is having it's moment in the spotlight, because I'm hard at work trying to wrap up editing "Seven Years". My plans are to begin editing "Gravity" this weekend (either Saturday or after Sunday dinner). It's been fun going on my page to find that readers are so enthused about this that I get to see the pictures they're posting of the rank! I think that's awesome, because I might actually miss something during edits, and while at work.

Perhaps someday this gig will be something I can do full time. Until then, happy reading. :-)

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