Saturday, March 9, 2013


I've decided to bundle together the first three books in the Mageri series, as there are a separate group of readers who enjoy purchasing box sets over individual titles due to the savings. Yes, there will be a savings! I know some readers like grabbing one book at a time to make sure they like the series, and then can stop when they want, but my hope is that this will attract new readers into the Mageri world.

I've published the book this evening, so it should be up tomorrow. I'll post the link once available here and on my Facebook page. I hope that you share :-)

I did get some cover work done today, as I've reviewed some of my mock-ups and have narrowed down my models. I really hope to finish this one early and not have it drag out the full month, because I'd rather be productive with writing during that time. Or reading. :-)

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