Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This isn't the cover for Gravity, just a fun image I put together last night. I couldn't do anything like this because it would completely break the continuity of the series covers, but it does make me wonder if something like this would be popular for readers. I wouldn't mind writing a book or series where I could be more creative and not rely on models so heavily. The model search is always exhausting.

I have pretty much nailed down a cover concept, and hope that readers enjoy it. Regardless, I hope that readers enjoy what is in the book even more. ;-)

I also have the back page image completed. It's something that I planned doing over a year ago, so I already had the image tucked aside.

Scheduled release date: May 22. But please SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER (see the link on my blog or Facebook page). If I move the date sooner or later, then this is how you're going to find out.

If you missed the news on the MAGERI BOXED SET, check it out here: link to amazon

If you already have the series, recommend it, as the bundle is discounted from the stand-alone prices. Or, copy your review over to this page to show some love. :)

I won't lie, this daylight savings thing has messed up my schedule. I am usually up at 5am writing, but that's just not happening. I can't seem to get those extra hours needed because my body refuses to change with the time.

The "Book White" project may also have a name. One came in my head when considering a series theme/name. I didn't have that going on with the Mageri series so much, but if this new book DOES turn into a series (I need to write out book two and see how that goes) then this title scheme may work. It's very different from what's out there because it's not a word repeat, but there is a common factor. I still may go with the title, because aside from the 'series' thing, it seems to work for me. I'm going to wait a bit before making any announcement, but I've already been playing with covers. ;-)

This is an example of what my Goodreads giveaway winners are getting (ignore the Twist book tucked beneath).

I'm really proud of how the bookmarks have turned out, and they were a lot of fun to do. Everyone who has received one seems to enjoy them, so I hope in the future to design more, as time allows.

IMPULSE PAPERBACK coming soon. I'm waiting on another proof this week and still anticipate it should be available later this month. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy for your real bookshelf!

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