Monday, March 4, 2013


I should be getting a new box of bookmarks sometime this week for Gravity. I had a little free time to design one last week and I'm happy with how it turned out. They've been a lot of fun, especially with the books coming out in paperback, so readers will have a Mageri mark to tuck between their pages. Follow me on my facebook page for giveaways. I will try to host one here on my blog at some point.

I'd love feedback from readers on what kind of bookmarks they enjoy getting. Ones with quotes? Specific characters and their name? If you want to know how to snag one, then stop by my Facebook page and post a picture of your paperback of Sterling or Twist (either you holding it, or it somewhere in your house) and send me a PM with your address. I'll shoot a couple of autographed bookmarks your way. Otherwise, keep an eye out for contests!

 This is the result of me gearing up for the cover design. Right before I begin, you will typically see more graphic art ending up on my blog/facebook page. It's how I start oiling the squeaky wheels. My goal is to have that complete this month, although realistically, I do have two months. It's a tough job, and I want to be sure that the book has a cover that represents the feel of the story. In the end, I hope it's what's inside that counts.


  1. I have the kindle versions of your series, could I still get a bookmark?

    1. Paperback purchasers will automatically receive bookmarks to tuck into their Mageri copies, but you can follow my Facebook page as I plan to hold contests in the future for a chance to win :)