Thursday, March 14, 2013

Book White working title Reveal

Project "Book White" is in my last editing stages before it goes to the betas. I'm currently working on the first draft for a potential sequel. This is a bit of a challenge because I'm also going to be writing the last installment of The Mageri Series.

That being said, I do have a working title. In fact, if this thing goes into a series, I also have a series name. If not, I'll probably still stick with the working title, "Seven Years". ;-)   But you can clearly see how the series is going to commit me to a certain number of books..LOL I know I can do it, but I need to see in what timeframe it can be done. After all, I had another kickass Urban Fantasy coming your way after the Mageri Series. So, we'll see if I can work two projects at once. Publication date not set.

SEVEN YEARS is a paranormal romance. It's a book that will warm your heart and make you laugh, but you know I have to throw in a little drama and hot alpha maleness. ;-) This will also not be told the way a traditional PNR is. The book is in 1st person with 3rd person scenes. Additionally, if this moves to a series, each book will be a new protagonist. So I hope you'll be ready for something different, and hopefully fresh.

These are not the actual covers, but placeholders.

Ok, so now I'm not calling it "Book White" anymore. Color coding my projects is convenience when referencing them, but holy smokes, I get tired of not having a name for my babies.

This project will now be referred to as "Seven Years".


  1. Yay!!!!!!! Whoooooooot!!!! Happy Dance!!!!!!

  2. This is one of the series' I like to reread just because I like the characters :) Great Job!