Sunday, February 17, 2013

Write crap.

Catchy title, is it not? (Write it, just don't publish it)

If someone told me they were having writer's block, I'd tell them to just sit down and write crap. Whatever comes out. Sometimes from that stewy mess is a diamond. I went for a period of several years without writing. I'd put aside all my creative writing and just focused on work. Why? Long story. :-/

Then stuff happened and I sat down one day and wrote that horrible book during my first attempt at getting back in the game. But guess what? I knew it was awful, and yet someone named Justus De Gradi stepped out of that book. So did quite a few other things.

Here is a "Did you know" list, well, you didn't know, because I've never mentioned them. As a whole, this was a very poorly written story. I had called it "Guardians of the Guild" and stopped at 11,000 words. Why? Because it bored me, it was cliche, and I really didn't want to write a Vampire book unless there was some originality to it. Although, there was one character trait that I'd love to write about, and maybe develop into a Breed. I'm holding that one close.

A month later, I wrote Sterling. Then Twist, Then Impulse. Then book four. Then I hopped onto another series, and another. What happened was a snowball rolling down a mountain. That lame little story brought to life so many things that live in my stories which I am publishing.

1. Justus De Gradi. Mostly the name as the personality and looks are different.
2. VERITAS was tatted on Justus's arm. I switched that to Levi because I felt it had no meaning for Justus.
3. Max was the name of one of the Vampires (who became the cat in Sterling)
4. Simon Hunt was a character. Different personality/features .
5. Female protagonist name is used in another series I wrote (can't say the name)
6. The name "Relic" stemmed from a profession in this Vampire novel (Relic Hunters)
7. Vampires had the ability to use energy in a specific manner. Ultimately, this deviated too much from the Vampire legend, but it allowed me to incorporated it into a Mage.
 8. Simon's personality in the Vampire book shifted over to Justus in the Mageri series.

I kind of liked the job I had created for them, because there were specific types of items they were collecting. They had enemies, and maybe the story could have been hashed out if I had any desire to do so. But it wasn't in the cards.

Thank God.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Sometimes during a "writing session", you get an idea. The same applies when writing an actual novel. Toward the end of Mageri book 4, I had this other idea spark to mind which is why I never wrote a satisfactory ending - because I was anxious to jump onto the next book series and test out that idea I had.

Will I ever deviate from my Mageri universe? All things are possible, but right now, I love the diversity within it. So many Breed types, so many lives to write about. What I enjoy most is writing about a secret society of beings that actually live among us, in some cases have jobs, and live ordinary lives. Sure the fantasy part of it is fun when reading a book, but as a reader, I always enjoyed the "What if this were real"? Some books are so far out there than it doesn't allow me to imagine it could be so. I'd love for a reader to see an exceptionally tall man and think, "Hmm. Chitah?" ;-)

So I don't necessarily believe in sitting down and writing that "Great idea". Sometimes those don't pan out. I just believing in writing. The magic will happen if it was meant to, and may take you in unexpected directions.

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