Sunday, February 3, 2013

Twist is now in Paperback!!

It's been a year in the making, but TWIST is now in paperback! I'm so excited to have these books available in print for readers who love to collect, or those who just don't have an eReader.


 So that's some exciting stuff!!

Next I'll be working on Impulse, but I'm not sure when that will be done. I've got a deadline coming up for editing MB4 and then I have only 1 month to get a cover together, because once I get it back from the betas and ultimately the editor, I'll be doing final edits. I will do my very best.

"Closer" will also be moving to paperback in the future. I don't want to restrict readers who do not have eReaders, or a Kindle/Nook. Enjoy! Share! Gift! And thank you to the readers who have rallied me on and encouraged me to move to paperback.


  1. The news just gets more exciting every time I return to your blog. You must be bubbling with joy and smiling with satisfaction! Although, knowing the perfectionist you are, you will probably be frowning and critiquing your own! As always, all the accolades you are receiving are so truly deserved. Your books are such an enormous pleasure to read. Thanks for making me smile, yet again!

    G x

    1. Thanks so much, Graham. I loved how the paperbacks turned out, even though they were hours of labor and multiple proofs to get it right. You know me ;-)