Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Charmer

Writing a Mage could have been cut and dry, but I loved the idea that energy exists in each Mage in a different way  - like chemistry. It gives them common and rare abilities. Common abilities might be flashing (moving at improbable speeds), healing using the energy from another Mage or the sun, and the ability to tell time or even sense direction.

Then there are rare abilities, something that not every Mage has. For Justus, he is a Charmer. That means  his energy is a sexual magnet to the opposite sex, like a Mage pheromone. At first, this would seem like a great gift for a man - to have any woman he wants.

But one has to imagine that over a lifetime of hundreds of years, this gets old. To have women paw over him wherever he goes. There's no need for conversation, to get to know people on a deeper level, to even care what they think. Then it becomes an outlet, but there's no joy in the gift and it begins to feel more like a curse.

What would a man like this want, or does he even know? This is why he has clashed with Silver since the beginning, because she defies him, challenges him, and even from the first book where she made a comment about his piercing, it made him self-conscious. A woman has never given him critical feedback.

Because of who he is, that's why it was so easy for many readers to dislike him early in the series. By Impulse, there is more insight to what makes him tick, and why he is the way he is. I love writing that kind of dimension to characters. To a degree, you've seen this with almost all of the characters in the Mageri series. We see the shell of who they are, and then I bring in pieces of their past so that you can put together their life and see why they have become the person they are, or made the choices they've made. Were they always the right choices? Did they choose the right path? Sometimes we don't always make the right decisions; hindsight is 20/20.

For Justus, he has little choice. That's why he's so endearing to me.

Just showing a little De Gradi love for the day.

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