Thursday, February 14, 2013


I've completed another round of editing for MB4 and will start again today or tomorrow. I needed a break last night so I read a little and went to bed I'm looking forward to developing the cover design as a few ideas have floated in my head and I need to see how they work out. This will be done in March, along with coming up with the name of the book.
The book will go to the editor in late April, so if you're looking for a timeline, all I can tell you is late spring/early summer. Even when traditional publishers nail down a date, it can get moved, and fans always get disappointed. That occurred with Impulse. I would very much like a date because those countdown clocks are fun. If it does happen, it'll be closer to the release date - not this early on.

Check out what I got from a fan! This was a really great tribute to "CLOSER", and if you haven't read it, then grab it here:

I've received several thoughtful gifts from readers, ranging from a Christmas ornaments, bracelet, homemade card, postcard designs, mugs, T-shirts, fan art, sketches, and for the most part, I try to share all of these fun things on my Facebook page with others. Not to get more stuff (god knows I don't ask for anything), but I love to share the generosity and the creativity that some of my readers have. Including fan mail (which I have up on my blog, even though it's a little out of date). I even think it's great when someone stumbles on a picture and says "This made me think of Simon."

I have also (as promised) been working on fun giveaways this year. These I had designed by Viviana (Enchantress of books), and I'm also designing a few other items. This adds up and being tax season, not really a great time to spend. But I'd like to have a few fun giveaways in March, and then later around the time of the release.

I told you guys I'd have fun stuff all inbetween the book releases. Blog tours, paperbacks, giveaways - so be sure to follow me on Facebook as this is where all the action happens.

I'm hoping each book release is exciting, especially knowing that it's coming to a close. (sniff). I plan to write a fifth book as books 1-4 were written three years ago, but there was a need to wrap things up a fifth. There is a potential for a post-Mageri novella, because there's something I want to touch on that may not flow well with book five. I know readers love the characters and many want to see more on each one, but I hope you understand that this is one series that I do not want to drag out more than 5 novels. I think keeping it shorter makes it more special, and because it is a continually evolving story and not just a series of 'misadventures' in each book, it all comes full circle in book five. Anything beyond that would just be milking a storyline. Although I haven't written book five yet, I'm fairly confident it's all going to fit. I had to carve up a few details out of book four to shift over.

I had to put BOOK WHITE's sequel aside. I'm struggling with the story. An author should never struggle to write a story or piece it together; it should just flow. So I need to set it aside and let it marinate. This was just an unexpected 'on the side' project. There's a different series I have written and lined up after Mageri (written 3 years ago) which I'd have to draft out. Therefore, I'm putting a lot of thought into how much time I want to put into Series White. I think the big question will be answered with the betas, and that's whether or not this book demands a sequel, or if readers will be satisfied enough with the original story. I don't know how well-received it will be, but I have to confess I'm in love with it.

Every time I read over it during an edit, I just adore the characters even more. If you ever hear me say that I'm sick of reading one of my books, then it's probably a book that you wouldn't want to read. That's just not the case.

Happy Valentines Day

Even though I'm not a fan of commercial holidays

Much <3 and appreciation to those who support my books!

<---- this heart makes me a little sad.

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