Sunday, February 17, 2013

Impulse Paperback

Is it too early to order a proof for Impulse? Nah. I have the file ready to go but I started the full cover design yesterday. Something I learned through the process was how the file will not print the way you think it will. In order to get it to look proper, you have to lighten, brighten, desaturate, and decompose.

Well, maybe not the last part, but that's how I felt during the whole process. I have to pay for each proof, and Impulse is going to cost me much more than the previous two. Hopefully I won't have to run as many this time.

The image below is my first attempt, and while it looks washed out, that is exactly how you have to design it for paperback because the ink is very heavy. I left out the wording because I want to focus on the actual cover design. I may have started early, but I'm still not likely going to have this book ready until late March or April.

If the lightning is too much, I'll probably take some of it out, but I carried it over to the front cover and liked how it turned out.

The price of Impulse is going to be more than Twist, and I'm so sorry about that as I wanted to keep books 2-5 all at the same price with Sterling having a deeper discount. Books 3-5 will be sold at the same price as my intention is not to increase the price with each book - that's just stupid. Honestly, there is no way around this. The distributor sets the minimum price that I can sell it for and everyone gets a cut, leaving me with milk money. That's not an exaggeration. If I sold this book at the price I'd like to, I'd get around 70 cents per sale. Want to know how many books on average I may sell a month in paperback? Less than 40. Closer to 20. :-/

The reason behind this is that Impulse is a BIG BOOK. In comparison to Sterling and Twist which round off to an average of 285 pages, Impulse has 453 pages. I could cut the shower scene and try to reduce the size - what do you think? ;-)

Book four will be close to the same size (albiet a bit smaller). These books are also larger books than the standard paperbacks, so they're price in bookstores usually range at $14.95 +. My price will not be this high, although in the future they may increase based on the market trend, as my ebooks have.

Most people purchase ebooks these days and it seems those who are grabbing this series in paperback are probably already fans who enjoy the books and want a physical copy. Thank you. Love you guys!!! I'm so glad I can offer them in physical form as there are many who do not have (or like) eReaders.

And that is all.

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