Saturday, February 2, 2013

Closer on Sale

He is a prisoner of pain who cannot endure physical contact.
She is a victim of a violent crime whose time is running out.
His fate lies in her hands…
and her life rests in his.

CLOSER is a 32,000 word novella

I've knocked down the price on "Closer" to 99 cents for a limited time. Be sure to share!

New to the blog? Be sure to go LIKE my Facebook page! I'm thinking about a big giveaway if I hit 2K followers, but that seems to be a bit away. I will have giveaways before then, but wanted to do something special. I'm very active there, so come say hello.

A virus has been kicking my butt this week, but I guess it's been going around. I've managed to get some work done - even have a little side project book related, but not writing. ;-)

Keep checking my sidebar to see my progress on MB4. I've been jotting down title ideas, but won't have anything solidified until I begin working on the cover. Then I'll probably do the title release, and then the cover release.

Then maybe the book release. ;-)


  1. I have just finished all 3 of your Mageri books and eagerly await MB4. Will the UK Amazon have it at the same time as the US or will we have to wait a bit longer. Brilliant books! Thank you.

    1. Usually they go up pretty quickly on the foreign sites on Amazon. The US link always goes up first, but I will post all of the direct links once they go live, on not only this blog, but Facebook and my Newsletter. You won't miss out if you're in one of those places! :-) Thanks so much for reading