Thursday, February 7, 2013

A box full of Twist

So I've promised readers that they can expect some fun giveaways in 2013. This is something I'm working toward, and paperbacks are step #1. I can't ker-plunk too much time and money at the start of the year because I'm working hard to complete book four by the deadline. But today, I received a box full of Twist.

Not to be biased, but these covers are so purty! I think they turned out even better than Sterling, as much as I hate to say it. I may at some point re-tweak Sterlings cover now that I know how this aspect of cover design works. If you haven't already gotten your copy, you can find Sterling and Twist on Amazon

 Paperbacks just don't sell as well as eBooks, but there's something so nice about having the physical book in your hands. Thank you to those who have purchased a copy as your support means so much. I'm not kidding when I tell you that I get nickles and dimes as my cut on paperbacks, but the extra hard work to get it to paperback was worth it. I've kept STERLING at the lowest price, as I always want the first book in the series to be the least expensive so new readers will give it a chance.

I've also got a few other projects I'm working on, but I don't want to say because then people will ask about them and then I'm feeling the pressure to complete them. So let's just say I'm being very sneaky at the moment. ;-)

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When I hit 100,000 book sales, I want to have a BIG fat giveaway. And yes, I'm very close. It's been such a phenomenal run and I can't express my gratitude enough to the readers who not only took a chance on reading Indie, but have since been regular followers and become avid Indie Supporters. Indie authors are not only giving you variety that you'd otherwise not be getting from the big publishers, but we are putting the CONTROL into YOUR hands. You have the power to decide which books are fan-bloody-tastic that might have otherwise never been picked up by a publisher. Books that hit the bestseller, books that find fans in millions, books that launch careers. Books you can't live without with memorable characters and moments. Books that find a space on your virtual and real bookshelves, and sometimes, the bookstores. Doesn't that feel empowering to know that you, as a reader, now have full control, and that what's deemed worthy is no longer decided "for" you?

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