Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writing time

I added a progress report to my blog (left hand side) for mostly my benefit. I don't feel like creating yet another worksheet in Excel to track this kind of thing, so I'm just going to log it here. That way, you can see where I am and scold me if I'm not making enough daily progress.

My goal is to do whatever I can until 9pm each night. I do not want to burn myself out editing, so I need to establish a cutoff time. That will allow me to work on other projects after that hour. That pace may change when I get close to crunch time, but right now, it's all I can afford since my day job is amping up the overtime hours and working me to the bone.

I thought I'd do something random on this post. I was drinking my coffee thinking about how nice it is to have a regular mug. Sometimes I go to someone's house and they try to give me those fancy mugs with the tiny little handles where I burn my knuckles holding it. Or it has an uneven lip, or is shaped like an hourglass. I just like a straight-up mug.

On that note, here are some completely outrageous mugs I found on the Internet.

I could really see Knox owning one of these.

Darth Decaf


Totally Justus!

That would be a really neat gift idea for anyone you know who is a reader. A small little basket with a unique mug, coffee, and a book.

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