Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who is that dude on Impulse?

This has come up a few times, so I thought I would reveal the big mystery question.

Who is the guy on the cover of Impulse?

As you may (or may not) know, finding the right stock images is a tremendous challenge. I've decided that it's hard enough to find good ones, but finding those who resemble your characters? Impossible. Although I have to say, I really like who I chose for Silver. That being said, I try to embody the spirit of the characters in other ways.

So what is the answer? A lot of guesses have been thrown around: Christian, Justus, Logan, and even Tarek.

The answer? (drumroll)
 Justus De Gradi.

I thought about putting Tarek on the cover and actually found a couple of images, but they looked totally wrong. Plus, I didn't want to give it that stalkerish "someone is out for you" vibe. I had to find an image of a man in a hoodie when I decided who I wanted on the cover. That was insanely impossible, because it had to be a full body shot and there were hardly any! This one had a nice walk going, but no face or body, just a black shadow. I had to layer other stock clothing on him just to give it a little depth by showing sleeves and a front pocket. One complaint during the process from a few who looked at my covers was that he was nothing but a shadow, as the original stock image was. So I cropped face in the shot. I tried using the one below that I use often for Justus and is how I see him the most, but it didn't work from a distance. Most models I had were facing the wrong direction, bearded, or giving that "i'm too sexy" face.

The image is the idea. I liked a protector behind her, someone walking toward her, and it also represented a critical scene in the book. There were a lot of developments with Justus in this book, as this series is not entirely about Silver. I kind of think of it like "The Young & The Restless" (Only my version is "The Old & Immortal) of Urban Fantasy Romance. I wish I could spotlight every single character in the series in a bigger way, but those would make for impossibly gigantic books and would require a longer series.

The thing is: that is the design I had in mind doing the cover. I made it work given the tools that I had, and limited choices. But I think is awesome is that it does allow room for the reader to use their imagination. So if you want to see that as another character and have a different little story about the cover in your head, then I support you! :-)

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