Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twist in Paperback - Almost!

I spent this afternoon working on the full cover for Twist. I am 98% complete. I have to tweak a few things and will of course run some proof copies to see how they turn out since the printer likes to make the ink really contrasty and dark.

The image you see here will be on the inside back page since I can't get it on the inside cover.

I didn't want it on the back cover because I'd have to write a blurb over their faces. But I did want to include it, because I love the image.

It's swoonworthy. ;-)

Having finished earlier than I thought, I'm really excited to be editing again. Five hours of my morning was shot by going into work. Pfft.

If you haven't seen that Sterling is in paperback, you can grab it here.

I have no scheduled release dates this year for any of my novels. It's up in the air and seriously, locking down a date gave me serious brain spasms. Especially when I couldn't meet the deadline because things happened. When is book four due? Springsummerish. How's that? ;-) I'm anticipating Junish.

Some of you may be visiting that WIP page asking yourself, "When is this "Book White" going to have a title and be released?"

Not sure.

I have a few options I'm weighing to actually HELP me during the writing process, and not hurt me with juggling too many projects.

My blogs lately feel like constant updates, but I do like readers to know what's going on. But how about Q&A? If you have any questions, you can reply to this msg and I'll review those, or send me an email. A reader had a question that had been nagging her about Justus from Book 1, so I provided her with a detailed answer. Some things I can answer, some I can't.

Doesn't hurt to ask.

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