Thursday, January 24, 2013

Planning ahead

In anticipation for handing off the book for the beta read, I've secured a week off at the end of February. This will allow me to do any last minute editing that I wasn't able to finish up with the month. If I'm done editing by then, I can use that time to work on other projects.

I've also started a Mageri Book 4 title document. I do this with each book so that I can stress myself out coming up with the right title. It won't come together until I have a cover nailed down. I'll be doing the same thing I've done with all my book releases: A title release, a cover release, and maybe a giveaway. The books should all be in paperback by summer. Always have something new to look forward to.

Sterling will be on sale for a short while. Please feel free to use this image and spread the word. :-)
As much as I love all of my covers, Sterling holds a special place in my heart. It's become a symbol for this series and I love having it on my bookshelf at home.

But the first proof of Twist will be delivered very soon, and I'm VERY excited to have this book in print.

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