Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drafting near complete

I'm feeling pretty good about this draft for MB4 and after this, it will probably be moving into the editing phase. Whoever came up with the blurring feature on one of my photo programs is an idiot. The "Horizontal" blur feature actually blurs in a vertical direction.

And vice versa.

Don't bother blowing it up, you're not going to see anything. If you can, then you probably deserve a brownie or something.

If you look at my lefthand menu, you'll see I'm about 87% in with this draft. Yay! After this I think it's just going to be a matter of cleaning up the flow, missed grammar, etc. Phase 1 of editing is my editing software, then phase 2 will be the text to speech. Meanwhile, I'm doing something I call "Caboose editing" which is helping a lot.

And then there's that Book White thing. Here's the deal:

Chances are, I'm publishing this book/series next year. It's going to the editor in the summer and I'm going to try and start writing the sequel (or at least get started on in) fairly soon. I'd love to have at least two books ready to publish (stretched apart, of course) to give me a breather. It will allow me to sit back and edit at a slower pace. But I also have to write Book 5 of the Mageri series, so I have to be careful about writing two books at once. I don't like to head-hop. Serious writing time may occur when the books are with the betas for the one month period.

But tucking a series in my pocket is a great idea. It may mean that I'll have more book releases next year, because I'll be a little ahead. I'm anticipating that Mageri book five will be late this year, but I can't nail down any approximate since I haven't written it yet.

Wish I could write faster, but I don't think it would be fair to readers to crank them out like a candy factory. Some authors can, but I promise you that sometimes the scenes readers talk about are the ones that I penned on my later drafts. You guys have been patient and completely awesome. I plan to continue writing, so here's hoping for an even better 2013.

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