Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Thought I should share some news:

As of this minute, the first draft is done. I feel like throwing confetti or kissing a sailor, but I'll contain my enthusiasm and leave that to the readers. No publication date is set, however the book is scheduled to go to the editor in April.

I decided to go ahead and pencil this book in with the editor in June of 2013. See my WIP page. Eventually, I'll think up a title for this book, but I also want to let it marinate and decide if I'm going to go ahead and make this a series. There's potential for it to go that route and if so, I'll need to come up with a series name.

I usually hit up my betas to make sure they're available when it gets near that time, but now I have two books lined up which need their review, so hopefully they are up for the task. If not, I may have to find replacements. It's hard work, so please don't send inquiries so you can get an early read. I expect the betas to complete a detailed questionnaire, in addition to spotting an editorial issues, and the beta read is as clean as it gets. But it is NOT the final version. Two more revisions occur after this: Mine and then the editor's.
I will accept serious inquiries with detailed information about yourself, your skills, any experience, etc. Something I can put into my backup plan folder.

I've been getting lots of inquiries about the books in paperback, and just a reminder I'm doing one at a time. I'm trying to manage all of the different tasks that I'm doing. The book is formatted, but I have to redesign the entire full cover, so that takes a weekend. I'm also waiting for my third proof of "Sterling". The interior is perfect, but the printed copies have a dark cover. The first two were perfect but for whatever reason, the third was ridiculous. I've been told that the printing company that handles these books are unpredictable, and that sometimes batches come out super dark. Sigh. I truly hope this isn't the case, but regardless I would hope that readers still enjoy the story. I'm just super picky, because I designed the covers myself and I take pride in what goes inside as well as outside.

Is it wrong that I'm praying the streets are iced over tonight? It's thunder-snowing as I speak (making this my very first White Christmas). I have to go back to work tomorrow which is why I didn't go out of town (Had I gone, I'd be trapped in an Arkansas blizzard). I have a feeling that ice or not, I'll be going in. The last time I did that, I fell on my back and almost broke my elbow, but my company stays open no matter what.

Meteors could be colliding with earth, creating cataclysmic tsunamis and super-volcanoes right before the aliens landed and exterminated the human race....

But they'd still expect me to show up.

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  1. My workplace is the same way. It's even worse that I'm the only one in the office at my location. Merry Christmas to you! Can't wait til the books are out in paperback!