Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Wishes

The holidays are already upon us! Are you ready? I had my early Christmas today and will be relaxing for the remainder of the holidays alone, so it will be a very peaceful vacation and the first time that I've spend the Christmas holiday alone. No, I won't be pulling a Bridget Jones sad scene with a bottle of wine and a sappy 70's song.

Tempting, but no.

I have a lot of writing that I'm going to get done. I may go to a movie, use some gift cards I received for the early Christmas we celebrated, and treat myself with takeout. Where you won't see me is sitting in a dark corner of IHOP with my laptop and a plate of chicken strips. It's just not going to happen. The really cool thing is I've never experienced a white Christmas, and there are rumors afloat that we might have a wintry mix that evening. THAT would totally rock.

 Because I'm sappy and sentimental like that.

It was brought to my attention that I'm up for a few Reader's Choice Awards! Such an awesome thing to discover and an honor, so if you feel like throwing a vote my way, here are the categories:

2012 Readers Choice Hottest Couple (Logan & Silver)
2012 Readers Choice Most Memorable Book (Twist)
2012 Readers Choice Favorite Author
2012 Readers Choice Most Engaging Author


So I finished reading "Edge of Never" (Indie author) and will be perusing the books this weekend for more discoveries. It was more engaging than "Easy", and I think because it felt less YA than Easy did, if that makes sense. YA is popular, but I do have a disconnect at times when trying to relate to the characters. Reading is always a personal journey, and we each relate to books and characters in different ways.

I liked the twist ending and yes, it will tug your heartstrings, but part of the ending I raised a brow on, mostly due to the age of the girl in the book. I couldn't help but end the story wondering what future lies in store for this very young girl. Won't just be looking for the bestsellers in my genres and the top 100, but also I like to check out the new releases. Be sure to stop by my Facebook page and be active on the messages I post about book chat. What I'd really like are a few good novellas.

Hope you have a safe and happy holidays. I was just thinking about previous years that stand out, and they're always the years where things went awry. My nephew was born close to Christmas and because it was an emergency C-section, my mom had to stay with them to help out. We ended up driving down with our presents in large, black trashbags and stayed at a hotel. It was a quaint little room with a kitchenette, and we put a miniature tree on the table. Another time was spent in an ice storm on the way to Little Rock, bumper to bumper traffic in the middle of the night in BFE. Funny how the unexpected moments in life are the ones you remember more than the planned.

So live life for the unexpected.


  1. Merry christmas and a Happy New Year and tell Simon to behave himself :)

  2. NOT a throwaway vote.

    Enjoy your Holiday....and the writing time!

  3. I hope you get that white Christmas you are hoping for. Growing up in Arizona for 21 years I only ever had one, and it only lasted a few of the morning hours. Since moving to the mid-west, I have added many more. Nothing is more cozy than a snowy Christmas Eve by the fire. And thank you so much for your gifts to us...the gift of your writing. Have a wonderful holiday. ��❤Kendell Piller

    Only placed ONE vote in the categories you were nominated in. You are very deserving of anything you win! ��