Monday, December 24, 2012

A Dark Christmas

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Or a Happy Holidays, depending on what religion you practice. :-)  This is my Mia, helping me wrap.

And this is my Christmas corner. I make no apologies; I simply did not have time to decorate my house this year. So I took my fiber optic tree (light bulb burned out the other night, megasigh) and draped a red throw over a table. At least it will be a snap to clean up.

I've already celebrated an early Christmas with family, receiving gift cards, a Kindle cover, and a book on Characters & Viewpoint. Friends sent me thoughtful gifts, and I saved a few gifts from extended family so I'll have something to open this evening. I'm not in any hurry, because I've enjoyed staring at this little corner, even though it's not as beautifully decorated as some homes. It just reminds me that I have family who loves me, and I hope to God none of them stressed out filling up those

If we get a surprise flurry of snow tomorrow, I'm really going to be stoked. I'm in Texas, so that's a big deal. We do get snow down here, but usually it's in Jan-March, and not around Christmas. If anything, it will probably just be a few flurries.

I've been writing up a storm this weekend, and I'm closing in on the last chapter of Mageri Book 4 (Draft 1). It's a tough one compared to the previous three because some of the story is shifting over to book five. Many details have been taken into consideration.

I have to admit it feels good to be closing the series and moving on to new projects. 2013 will be a very interesting year.

Hop over to my Facebook page today as I'm running a couple of giveaways!

Merry Christmas.

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