Saturday, November 24, 2012

The 12 days of Closer

I just looked at the countdown and realized that there are only twelve more days until "Closer" is published. It's going live on a Friday, which means I'll be hitting the publish button on Thursday night, so that there's plenty of time for the Amazon machine to gobble it up and spit it out. Anyone who picks it up should have it read by the weekend as it's a novella (on the meatier side), so I hope you have a chance to post a review!

Thanksgiving was very low key and I ate way too much pie. You see, I have a weakness when it comes to apple pie. I'm surprised that I didn't replace all the donut scenes in "Twist" with apple pie, because that's how much I love it.

I also spent time writing.

Yes, writing. As of yesterday I wrote 5K words in "Book White" (see my WIP page), but as of this morning, my holiday count is now up to 14K. The book is now around 40K, and that's pretty impressive. The story just flowed and I kept getting ideas. But I really like pausing and revisiting it. Also, it gives me time to comb over previously written chapters and keep refining it.

MB4 is my priority.
Not as much word count, but the drafting process is meticulous. It's like taking a slab of clay and shaping shoulders and a head, but you haven't quite carved all the details out so that it resembles a person.

Over Thanksgiving, we were talking about typewriters. Mom was contemplating selling her old one that was up in the attic. The one that the keys would get stuck together, and you'd have to put liquid paper on your document and back it up one to correct. I know this because as I've mentioned before, I got a typewriter for my sixteenth birthday. Mind you, I'm only in my thirties, so it's not like typewriters were all the rage when I was a teenager. My friend were getting cars or guitars. (Well, I did get a guitar, but that was the previous year). At the time, I think we had an old IBM, but I don't recall having a printer which may be why I wanted one, so that I can write on it and save all of my stuff in a folder. Anyhow, back then anything you printed came out on thin paper with holes on either side.

I have several movies to watch this weekend. Promethius vs Magic Mike. Hmm. I don't do the Thanksgiving weekend shopping; I hate fighting the crowds. I'm going to tweak my cover today, submit it for another proof run, and then edit MB4 for the remainder of the weekend. I feel like the first draft is my big hurdle.

I hope everyone is following the blog tour! It's been a lot of fun with some great posts, not to mention the giveaway you can continue entering.



1. "Grease". Okay, maybe I'm afraid to admit it. I don't watch this movie anymore, but I went through a serious Grease phase in my teens, mostly because me and my BFF would sing along and make fun of Sandy. She even bought me the collector's edition VHS. Yeah, VHS, because that's how long ago I was into Grease. *cough*

2. "Last of the Mohicans". Same as above, really. Every time it came on TV, I'd call up my BFF so we could watch it on the phone together. I never liked Lewis's story as much as I enjoyed his Indian brother, whose name I can't remember but I would bet dollars to donuts that my BFF knows. Seriously, the scene where he dies for her? By then, we would have had too many wine coolers, and would declare that love isn't real unless he jumps off of a cliff for you.

3. "Pulp Fiction". I'm a Tarantino fan and I'm not afraid to admit it. While riddled with the F-word, this movie has great dialogue that outdoes any of the "action" scenes. That's great scriptwriting. Plus, everyone is just "cool" in this movie.

4. "The Matrix". This one hasn't been dusted from my shelf in a while, but I must have seen it so many times that I probably thought that I was living in the matrix. The concept was really unique, and at the time, the FX were groundbreaking.

5. "The Breakfast Club". And if you don't know why, you are a neomaxizoomdweebie.

'nuff said.

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