Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sterling is on Sale!

To celebrate the release of IMPULSE (Book 3 of the Mageri Series), STERLING, is now on sale for only 99cents! Spread the word: Tweet, blog, Facebook or Goodreads groups, etc. This is a great introductory price into the series.


Zoë Merrick lived an ordinary life until late one night, she was brutally attacked and left for dead. She was found, covered in blood, and taken in by an ex-soldier named Adam. Zoë didn't just survive that night - she underwent a physical transformation and acquired unexplainable abilities. Severed from her old life, her frustration grows as she tries to comprehend what's happening to her. Serendipity leads her to Justus De Gradi. He's handsome, arrogant, and not entirely human. Through Justus, Zoë learns the truth about what she is and where she belongs. A young Mage is vulnerable in this dangerous world. The only way Zoë will understand her power is by putting her trust in a stranger and accepting the protection that he offers. When her immortal freedom is threatened by the one man who has a right to claim her, Zoë learns the price of freedom...and the value of loyalty.

 IMPULSE (Book 3) has become an Amazon Bestseller in its respective genres, from day two!


What reviewers are saying:
You had everything from tender, loving moments to scorching hot primal lust. It was awesome

I cried, laughed and was reminded of what love is truly about.

There are some authors that change your life through the pages of their books. For me, Dannika Dark is THE ONE. It started with Sterling, grew with Twist, and has utterly swept me away with Impulse.

Dannika uses her characters to not only entertain and enthrall us in a world of pure seductive fantasy, but also to make a bold statement about the prejudices of everyday immortals and humans alike.

This is by far Dannika Darks best novel to date. Her enthusiasm for her characters and their relationships are spell binding. 

 The Blog Tour is gearing up VERY soon, so be sure to mark your calendars! There is a BLOG TOUR link on my page where you can see the dates and locations of each tour.

What is a blog tour? Think of me as a rock star visiting town to town, except you'll see fun things like interviews, excerpts, reviews, and there will be an ongoing giveaway on each tour. Every place you follow this tour will increase your odds of winning the giveaway, and it's something that everyone will enjoy, whether they have read the series or not.

This has been a CRAZY week and I've made a mental note to never have a book release on a Monday or Tuesday again.


For me, there is more involved than simply hitting "Publish", and I've had sleepless nights from staying up late and making updates, as well as trying to stay current with all the readers comments and emails. This weekend, I'm going to be working on a few things for the blog tour and writing on "Book White". The date for editing has been locked in for MAGERI SERIES BOOK 4, and it will be in April, so FYI, the book release will not be prior to then. No date is set. It takes time to marinate and I hope that readers who enjoyed Impulse will see why waiting may be the hardest part, but it's how I get the book where it needs to be. Anything rushed will not be worth it.

Please show your support! As stated before, Indies are discovered because of readers. Take the time to write a review, even if its your first. Go to the book product pages on Amazon, scroll down below the reviews, and select "Write a review". There's also a button at the top that says LIKE, so like the book! (Or my author page) Read the reviews once you have read the book and select "yes" or "No" as to whether you felt the review was helpful. This helps shoppers find relevant reviews that will help them make an informed decision.

It feels really good to have Impulse out, and I hope that readers appreciate the series as a whole. It's great that it has everyone thinking about the characters and plot - there are a lot of theories floating around! I love that the book has left people thinking about it long after, and wanting to re-read the series. I cannot tell you how many readers on Facebook have told me they've read it anywhere from 2-10+ times, even some who've admitted to never before re-reading a book.

I'm not just sneaky in my books by dropping breadcrumb clues, but my Facebook followers have had no idea I've been doing it on my page with pictures, comments, and even timeline photos where I put a quote from the book before I even released it. Bwa. This is one image I had up, for example.


His heavy sigh placed a thin film of condensation over the glass and Logan cocked his head. Drawn on the window was the shape of a small heart.


  1. OH MY now i get the heart pic you are a sneaky on Miss Dannika..x But i love it..

  2. I wrote a review! It was my first time writing one, but it totally deserved it! Great job! I'm super excited for book four already!

  3. I can't help but smile when I read through your books and you blog.... Amazing work from a truly creative genius. Your success is more than mindblowing, it is also so completely deserved. The reviews of your books capture the brilliance of the writing perfectly. You have created a whole new world, brought to life an amazing group of characters, and most importantly, you are captivating thousands upon thousands of people across our planet. I am sure I speak for many when I say 'Thank You' to you for sharing your imagination with us all. Good luck with your new release, I know it is going to bring even more success and aclimation and smiles to many many readers & fans.