Sunday, November 18, 2012

Progress Report

I really like how this turned out, and it made me realize that I don't spend enough time creating digital art. I'm also busy writing or editing, but this is the sort of thing that makes me unwind and relax.

I've released a description for the book and a few images, but I'm not sure readers really know what this is about. Frankly, I'm not sure how to categorize it. It's a novella, but it falls within a paranormal romance type of genre. This is not erotica, so if you're looking for BDSM or the like, keep on truckin'. If you like character-driven books, this one may be for you. There's a lot of emotion going on in this little book and several betas and test readers really fell in love with it.

So I'm really looking forward to introducing you to Kane. He's that persistent bastard that kept pacing around in my head when I was busy editing "Impulse". He just demanded my attention, so that I could tell his story. I'm glad I lent him an ear, because sometimes your characters are hanging around for a reason. He was a definite left-fielder.

The blog tour is going amazing! It's been so much fun stopping off at all of these great book review and blogger websites. I have a lot of fun guest posts planned, and you can visit all of the previous stops and enter for a chance to win the swag!

So click on BLOG TOUR at the top of my page to catch up on all the stops we've had so far!

And check out those custom keychains and car charm: you know you want one.

If you already own the Mageri series books, we will convert that to a gift card of equal value.

Then there's that fun surprise gift from Justus. Oooo

MB4 PROGRESS REPORT (Mageri Series: Book 4)
I'm 50% through the first draft. It's rough, and my eyeballs hurt. As with every single book that I've released in this series, I keep thinking to myself that readers may never know what's coming. I can't predict if that's a good or a bad thing, but I've felt an overwhelming amount of support for the series, so I guess that means you guys have faith that despite whatever your expectations, the story will be worth it.

You just might need a seatbelt for Book 4.

I'm trying really hard not to think about the cover I'll be designing at some point. The right cover always stresses  me out!! I think I know exactly what the insert image is going to be, because I've been planning on that one for a year. As I continue editing MB4 (I swear that will change as soon as I pick a name for the book), I can't help but wonder if a novella is going to be necessary. I have several reasons for this I can't elaborate on. The cool thing is while sifting through my notes, I found the final paragraph of the last book that will be written. I know exactly the tone and scene that I want to end this series on. And I can't tell you how many times I read it over because I loved it that much.

I guess it's time to start Christmas shopping soon. Keep in mind that ebooks can also be given as gifts, and scheduled for a Christmas delivery to anyone's Kindle. If you know anyone who might enjoy the Mageri Series who hasn't read it, feel free to tuck it in their stocking.

If you have a moment this holiday season, zip over to Amazon and write up a review. The reader support has placed "Impulse" on the top rated book list (#10 in Contemporary fantasy, and #21 in Fantasy). That visibility is a tremendous leg-up for an Indie. So reviews count more than you realize, aside from helping new readers determine if this series is right for them.

Currently, IMPULSE is holding it's own in Contemporary Fantasy at the #3 spot. 

I was joking with a friend because they have author rankings, and mine is #20. Stephen King was #21, and I felt like a bolt of lighting was going to strike me in the arse. You just do NOT rank above Stephen King. I did another check and now he's at #18, and I feel like I can sleep more soundly tonight.

I've been really blessed with the book release, and I hope this series continues to find its audience. That "Book White" has really been on my mind lately because the flow was very different from the Mageri series (not so serious) and that was a refreshing pace, because the Mageri Series gets a little heavy. Not that Book White won't get there at some point, but I've paced it differently. It's going to be fun to work on it again when I have free time. I'd love for it to be a surprise release for 2013, but we'll see.

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