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It's been a week since the release of "Impulse", and I noticed a lot of curious chatter going on. I knew that readers of the Mageri series really loved TWIST over STERLING. How can a person top that kind of enthusiasm? So I posed the question:

"How many times have you read Impulse?"
(this was asked 6 days after the release)

Here were some of the responses:
  • I'm halfway through my second reading. There's not enough hours in the day, but I love catching all the details I missed the first time! 
  • Three times and each time I find something new
  • This is my fifth time
  • 2 times!!
  • To many times that I have lost count.
  • I'm on the 2nd read. After re-reading Sterling, & Twist. But first was the first read of Impulse. I'm soaking in Cognito! Having a real hard time re-entering the "real world."
  • At least four times now
  • I'm in the midst of my 3rd time
  • impulse twice. and now i started all over with Sterling.
  • 3 times from the middle to the end and twice from the beginning
  • 6 total and several times - reading book 2 & 3, my favorite Logan/Silver moments!

 As an author, I couldn't ask for more than that kind of passion and enthusiasm for a world I created. The nutty part of this whole journey is I was never confident that the Mageri series was the most compelling series that I've written, but it felt right to begin at the beginning.Even more amazing than the fan support has been the Facebook groups that have popped up for the Mageri series and Impulse, which are VERY active. Lots of theories floating around, but simply looking at how readers have connected and fallen for these characters make me feel all mushy inside. Sniffle

I'll be kicking off MB4 (Mageri Book 4, as it is currently unnamed) this weekend. Most of the weekend will be organizing a ton of notes I've taken over the year during my rewrites, reading the 1st draft that I already have and writing the outline, and then doing some organization. There will likely be some scenes that will shift to a book five, as I do not think I can possibly cram all that needs to happen in book four for the finale.

Good God, do I have my work cut out for me.

I'm not the kind of writer who can wants to go on for umpteen books. Once the spark starts to dissipate and the story feels either formulated, or without a clear direction, then I move on. It's risky, because it's safe to stick with a sure thing and continue the story so that fans never have to say goodbye. But I often have difficulties continuing with a series that goes on for too many books, because somewhere along the way, the magic is gone. At least, for me.

As I said, it's risky. Having to put out a whole new book/series for readers to warm up to? Will you like the story? The characters? The plot? Can you move on from the Mageri to something fresh? I certainly hope readers are willing to give me the chance.My novella, "Closer", just may be the test. Mageri will likely end at five, but I never close the door all the way. I can't say for sure, but I'm almost certain I can wrap it all up in the fifth book. But who knows, maybe a novella will be somewhere in the future if there's a story that I feel didn't get it's due.

I am SO in love with the stories and characters in my other books, and excited to start drafting them, and I hope that means something. 

IMPULSE is still kicking some serious butt on the Amazon charts. RAWR!! I really hope that you have the chance to recommend the series to friends/family that you think might enjoy it. (Did you know that Goodreads does not let me recommend my own books? Pffftt) Thank you to those who have posted a review on Amazon/Goodreads. Those really make a different in helping readers make an informed decision on an author they may have never heard of. Also, thanks to the readers who have been sending me emails and messages, blaming me for not having slept a wink the night before and arrived at work late.

The next Valium is on me.

So maybe I need to slap a warning label on Impulse, as it may have side effects that include (but are not limited to):
Decrease in appetite
Inability to concentrate
Muscle spasms that result in smacking forehead
Maniacal laughing
Change in speech that may include using words like 'fecking' and 'manwich'.
Hallucinations that include comparing real life people with the characters
Compulsive reading
Seeking out Mageri groups 
Sudden craving for sweets such as sugar donuts, cheesecake, and strawberries

Love you guys. Everyone should find a book or a series that gets them this excited about reading, AND supporting Indie authors.



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