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Let the Blog Tour Begin!

Welcome to the official kick-off of the IMPULSE blog tour to help celebrate the official launch of Book 3 of the Mageri Series! Follow the tour and read some fun posts we have in store, as well as increase your chances of winning the contest!

Tell me about the Mageri Series.
This Urban Fantasy Romance series follows the story of a young woman who is attacked by a stranger and left for dead, but Zoe Merrick didn't die. Immerse yourself into a secret world where immortals exist. Zoe is now a Mage, forced to leave her old life behind, while searching for her purpose in a world that she never chose to be a part of. Drama, action, romance, humor, and passion - unravel the mysteries with each book, and fall in love with the characters in a series that will capture your imagination.
There are three books: STERLING - TWIST - IMPULSE. Book four is due in 2013.


1 Box Set of The Mageri Series  
(Sterling, Twist, & Impulse)

Autographed Book Cover Cards (4x6) 
(Sterling & Twist)

1 Set of Key chains

1 Car Charm

1 Surprise Gift from Justus himself.

Pretty cool, huh?
Scroll down below to enter!

To start things off, I decided to have a Q&A. Readers were given a chance to ask me anything they wanted. So, as I sit in my virtual chair with a cup of cocoa, I'm anxiously awaiting what readers have to say (or throw) at me:

Q: With Silver, is her personality based on excellent research or personal experience?  
Wendy Ashcraft
A: Silver comes from a broken home, and I'm fortunate I never had such challenges. I have carved out a past for each one of them (whether it ends up in the story or not) and I can work from that to help me develop their personality, their flaws, their strengths. We don't always say or do the right things, and we're emotional beings, but we also shine in our best moments and change the lives of those around us whether we know it or not. Silver's personality is challenging because I have to write out her scenes to be honest with who she is, and part of who she is stems from the life she's led, and the experiences she's lived through. So an author has to remove the "What would I do" from their writing (And yes, that can be frustrating). Not to mention the pressure cooker situation she's living in. I'm very mellow and a talk-it-out kind of person. Silver gets emotional, but there's good reason for that one you understand who she is and what she's living through. So I've learned to walk a virtual mile in their shoes to give me a better idea of who they are.

QWhat is the usual length of your books, I.e word count? Also does sticking to a certain length add additional pressure ?
Lori Ann Worley
 A:  The first two books ranged in the 90,000 range. That may equal about 300 pages on a 5.25x8 size book. With Impulse, I did a lot of editing and decided not to restrict the length, so it stands around 129,000 respectively. I was very concerned it would turn off readers who were used to the quick pace of the previous two books, but after seeing how many people finished it in one day, those concerns are toast. As long as the quality of the story is there, the word count doesn't matter. Sterling started off at 130,00, but sometimes you have to kill your darlings, and snip away anything that doesn't contribute to the story in some way. Plus, I wanted to keep them at a nice, quick pace. I never set a word count when writing, nor do I have a problem with meeting one as I usually have a lot to say. ;-)

Q: I think my question would be: Will we be meeting even more new characters in the next book?
Rachel A Olson
 A:  There are always new characters, but I think that the main ones have been introduced at this point. I have no need to bombard readers with a gigantic cast; it's already big enough, and I was very careful about  gradually bringing them into the mix. However, there are always walk-in parts, and secondary characters. You can't have characters living in a world where they are the only ones that exist. Think about how many people you meet in your own life, and those who drift in and out of it. Some have larger roles, and some do not.

QHow did you create such original and unusual characters? Was it something you read or a movie you saw that was the spark (get it?) for the series?
Stacy Barraza
 A:  I wrote a few chapters of Vampire novel. It sucked. (pun intended). However, there were some ideas that I garnished from the book, one of which was the idea of a Mage. In the Vamp book I created a character called a Relic, with specific abilities.But I liked the idea of making them a familiar fantasy character so I incorporated those abilities (and expanded upon) in a Mage. It allowed me to put a spin on things in a believable way. I took the purpose of a Relics life, and wove that into a new fantasy creature. Sometimes you can find a diamond in manure. I also have a "what if" button in my brain that blinks at all times. I wasn't the "why is the sky blue" kid. I was the "what if the sky is really red and we all think it's blue?" kid.

QWhat do you feel is your most productive marketing method?
Brent Bakken
 A:  Luck. There's no sure-fire way to guarantee success when it comes to a profession that is subject to public opinion. All I can do is hope that readers love the series enough to recommend it and show their support in every way possible.

Q: Ok, so I am rereading, and I am at the part where Novis says "It's not uncommon for a Creator to have never met his progeny." So why was Justus so dumbfounded that Silver didn't know who her Creator was?
Stacy Barraza 
 A:  Great question. A Creator is a Mage who possesses the ability to make another Mage (not all of them can, it's an uncommon gift). Novis's meaning was that the Council's decide who is worthy to become part of their world - like an arranged marriage - so that they can maintain control in choosing their candidates. Justus was surprised and suspicious because Silver stated she had no idea who made her - which is unheard of. A Creator would never make another Mage and abandon them; what is the purpose?

Q: What is your Favorite Christian line?

Nina Lillard 
 A: Christian is one of those characters who walked into my story and gave me the finger. He's abrasive, Irish, and full of dry humor. One of my favorite lines? I kid you not, every time I would skim over it during my edits, I would laugh out loud. Readers often single out lines in my books that catch me by surprise, but I'll always have my personal faves.

"Thought you went to the toilet, so I waited by the door. Let me tell you that what goes on in the ladies room is no longer a fantasy. I thought you’d have puffy little pillows on sofa chairs where you lounged and buttered up your breasts with scented oils. My fantasies are ruined by the pungent smell of vomit and tramps spraying perfume on their fannies.”

Q: Without appearing intrusive could I ask how old you are , also do you have any photographs ?  Val Price

A:  Ermmm, you're not supposed to ask a woman her age! I'm 21. *whistles a song*. 
Actually, I do understand the curiosity. I've always liked the idea of the author being less important than the story; we're just the man behind the curtain. Or in this case, a woman. I'm in my 30's, and I have posed a couple of images on my "about me" page and elsewhere. (not sure I'd call it a pose) I'm not crazy about having my photo taken (who is?), but another aspect is retaining my privacy to a degree. At some point, I may get a better image so readers can make a connection, but I swear, I'm just an ordinary person who just happens to write books.

Q: If you could invite three of your characters to a small dinner party, who would they be and what would you like as a conversational topic?
Bonne Kelly
A: That's a fun one. Justus, Novis, and Leo. The topic would be: "What are some of your greatest achievements in life?" Followed by rapid fire questions on my end about all the things they've seen in their lifetime. I couldn't trust Simon to be serious in this convo, so he's out. I chose some of the older men because the idea of immortality is fascinating, and yet I wonder over time how it affects how they see the world and others. Novis seems to only attach himself to things that last, as he had once discouraged Silver from wasting her time with mortals. We dream up how great it would be to live forever, or at least, a very long time. But there must be downfalls to it, and I'd love to hear those personal stories.

Q: You mentioned having an especially hard year. My question is, how are you doing? 
Theresa Buckler-Jensen 
A: Thank you for asking; I'm doing wonderful. I had a rough start to the year when a mishap spiraled into a series of events that led to my being ill for at least three months. I was in agonizing pain 24 hours a day for 9 weeks straight before I began to see the light, and I'm not exaggerating by 24 hours a day. There were tough times that made me wonder if things would ever get better, but I tried to think of Silver's attitude through the series and all that she's gone through: Optimistic. I'm 100% back to my old self with a better appreciation for living in the moment, valuing my health, and pursuing my passions in life.

I hope you enjoyed the official tour kick-off! There were so many questions and I'll be saving up the ones I didn't get to for a later date! The tour dates are all listed HERE! Now, time for that giveaway....

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