Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's only Thursday

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What I'm listening to this morning:

I pushed working on paperbacks until next week. I still have a few things to do with 'Sterling' and to be honest, I have so much going on right now that I'm trying to prioritize so that I can focus more of my free time on writing. So many small things are starting to eat up my day, so I'm having to find a way to manage it all so that I'm allotting myself more time to write-edit. I'm not one of the fortunate powerball lottery winners last night, nor do I have the option to even stay home.

I hope that things get easier in the future, and that I can look back on this time and know that it was worth spending every waking hour on. I did manage to squeeze in reading three books over the past two weeks (Rock Chick), which is pretty good, but I'm going to put that on pause because as mentioned before, I'm trying to find a balance to get the actual writing done. Books on audio is something I should check out sometime; it might work out better on my commute to/from work vs reading in the car. (I swear, I only do it at lights)

It's a little disturbing to think that Christmas is almost here, so I should probably try to be festive and decorate this weekend. Sigh.

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