Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book Marathon

I've managed to write a marathon this weekend.


I'm unstoppable. Once I got home from holidays with the family, I spent the entire time working on two books as planned, and a LOT was accomplished.

The reader response has really been phenomenal, and I can truly promise that the very last book in this series will wrap up tight with a great ending. You may experience joy, sorrow, anger, and other emotions along the way, but hopefully at the end of the journey, I'll have a Mageri fan for life. Then we can start plugging this for TV (ha). No, actually I have more projects on the back burner (I almost typed back burger, because I'm hungry).

I'd love for Book White to be the dark horse and make a surprise appearance on Amazon next year, but it's a "wait and see" thing.

I've been thinking about buying a new laptop. This one has had miles put on it and I'm embarrassed to admit I actually have scotch tape holding one of the slots closed. I'm picky when it comes to electronics, so I'm going to be scoping out different models and sizes for a while. I'm undecided because it's not a necessity - not like fixing the air conditioner that went out in my car this week.

At least it's November.

And the POLL! Check out the poll on my blog (Left hand side) and cast your vote for your favorite characters in Impulse! Some of the results are quite...interesting.

PS: Support Indie authors you love in every way you can.

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