Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012: 
Wednesday, November 14, 2012: 
It's been a busy week, and at work, they're gearing us up for the busy time of year. We're actually having a corporate pep rally on Thursday. How sad is that? I'm not really feeling like a team player this year; after a while, it becomes an old hat. Been there, done that. The holidays for me is nothing but work stress and long hours.
I've made it all the way to Chapter Five in MB4 (Mageri Book 4). I don't have a name for the book yet, so I don't want to grow tired of constantly calling it Mageri Book 4, hence, the nickname. I had to do a little expansion, and the first round of drafting is going to be very rough. I haven't touched this book in two years, so there is a lot of work to be done.
I made a vow to have my first paperback proof by Thanksgiving, and then I realized that Thanksgiving is next week. Crap. I'll see what I can manage to get accomplished this weekend, but I feel like I have too many irons in the fire. My brain is already having trouble switching gears, because I was writing BOOK WHITE for a few weeks, and now I have to get back inside Silver's head.

I'm still overwhelmed and appreciative of the initial reactions I've had over Impulse. I'm so glad that some of you really "Get it". This was a well thought out series, and isn't mapped out like other series books. It may be more catered to the reader who enjoys the characters journey's as much as the main plot. The stories within the books weave together, and you'll figure out where we're all going by the end. It's more of a complex read than it appears to be, and those who are re-reading the series are getting that. These were written over two years ago, and the only thing I'm doing now during their publication is working on drafting them out and editing. So if you're looking for a point A to B straight line book, this may not be it. I like geometry.

"Good books don't give up all their secrets at once.” - Stephen King

"Closer" is nearing it's publication date. 22 more days! woohoo. My first novella. These books are smaller than a novel, but mine is longer than most, and came very near to being the size of a novel.

I'm dreading the holidays just a little bit. It always seems like right at Thanksgiving or Christmas, someone in our family gets the plague. It's like holiday roulette. I'm hoping for a low-key dinner at my parents house, although in my family, we fly by the seat of our pants. If my brother decides he wants to host, we'll probably drive up there, which is fine with me, because I won't get stuck with a bunch of leftovers.

I'm pretty sure the meaning of Thanksgiving has been lost over the years, not that the holiday itself is really celebrating a period in time we should be proud of. Now, it's more or less yelling at the kids, slaving in the kitchen for hours, stuffing our faces until we can't even move, sitting in front of a football game with our pants unzipped, and finally taking a nap.

Hoorah for the holidays.


  1. We've got very good response for Impulse on our blog.

    Good luck with Bk 4!