Friday, October 26, 2012


We're nearing the finish line, so I'm keeping everyone constantly updated.

My editor sent me "Part 1" of her completed edits for IMPULSE, figuring it would actually help me get through my piece a lot faster if I got a jump start vs waiting for the finished document. This has helped tremendously as I have now completed 1/3 of editing the book just this morning.

In my experience working with editors, they are very professional and nose to the grind outside of the friendly emails. But sometimes the comments that are left on my documents have me giggling, and thinking they probably wish they had one of these stamps.

In fact, I think *I* need one of these stamps for work.

I've had a ton of people sign up this morning for the newsletter, which is a great alternative method of me getting in touch with readers when there is news. Just be sure that you periodically check your SPAM folders, just in case.

The blurb is the most difficult thing to write. I seem to have no problem writing a 130,000 page novel, but ask me to summarize my book in a paragraph and watch my eyes glaze over. Is it possible to captivate someone with a blurb? Apparently, it is. I've had reviews where people didn't like my blurb for Sterling, but bought it anyhow. Thank God. I need a blurbologist to help me with these things. I'm tempted to write something short and sweet:

"This book will grab you by the balls and make you say WTF!?"

Too vulgar?

So I've finalized what I'll be putting up on Amazon and decided to release the blurb early. It will go up sometime this afternoon/evening. Don't expect spoilers. ;-)

What's really nuts is a novella I wrote on a whim a couple of months ago is ready to go before I book I wrote over 2 years ago. I hope it finds its audience because I really love the characters in "Closer". It's a unique read and is very much the kind book for those who enjoy the relationship building that occurs between characters, and put your paranormal hats on because there's a twist to the story.

Just a reminder that we're still organizing the blog tour (Check out the link on my webpage) and it's going to be bigger than the last time.

Stay tuned....

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