Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Going in the paperback version. I did some slight modifications to it and it will be in B&W. Wish I could get it on the inside cover, but that's not an option. Added a little fog for effect. We'll see how it turns out.

My goal this weekend is to finish the blurb for Impulse. I have more leeway with "Closer", but no time with Impulse. I'm not sure why it's easier to write 130,000 words than it is to write 100.

When you purchase books, do you even look to see who is an Indie anymore? If not, then that's pretty awesome. But be sure when you finish the read that you do; we need reader support to spread the word. For those of you who have written me fanmail that contains something like: "I've never written an author before," - I <3 you guys.

I'm not doing so well with the "not writing/editing" piece. The one I'm supposed to adhere to for the next two weeks as part of my mandatory break. I keep cheating and working on Book Yellow, which is now skating in the 25K word range. It's the bare bones draft one (not even the rough draft, but the ugly draft). I'm not sure where it's going because my contemporary romance has thriller undertones, and that wasn't planned.

The above was the result of me working on a blurb for two hours. It's how I de-stress. I look forward to those who highlight lines in IMPULSE, because those popular highlights show up on Amazon and on Kindle and I'm curious to know which parts you enjoyed. The funny thing is, sometimes I hear someone say something that makes me think of Impulse. Either a line in the book or a scene. I guess that's how attached I've grown to it because it's been my project for the past eight months.

And what a long journey it's been. In the midst of editing Twist, a very close family member suddenly died and I found myself at a funeral. With Impulse, I became very ill for several months unexpectedly and endured months of constant pain. Thankfully, I bounced back and put my focus back on Impulse. Maybe with a new perspective. Sometimes these life altering things ground us; sometimes they change us. But I hope that channeling those experiences into my writing has made the stories better. I see the books like I do life. Full of joy, sorrow, tragedy, humor, passion, and everything that makes us human. So anyone who does not like that the book may contain any of these, then I challenge you to exclude that from your life. Life tempers us to make us stronger, to shape us, and to change our destiny.

I want to quote someone from "Impulse", but I'll wait and let you read those lines yourself for the first time when the book is out. :)

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