Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Characters

One of the most interesting parts of writing a book is discovering which characters that readers have taken a shine to. In my world, I create a number of sub characters. Some have walk-in parts, some have a more committed relationship to the story, while others won't have any reoccurring role. Just like life. Not everyone you meet is there for the long haul. Is it disappointing? Perhaps to some readers who grow attached. As a writer, I would love to be able to focus more on each of my characters, but the books simply cannot hold that much story. It doesn't exclude a possible novella or spin-off series someday, but I hope that you enjoy each of the characters for whatever small or large role that they play.

There's a new character in Impulse, although he's not the only one. I will say that I didn't expect that my beta readers would have warmed up so quickly to him. Here were some of the comments, and I'll call him "Mr. X" just for the sake of keeping things under wraps.Keep in mind I never asked my betas about "Mr. X" in my questionnaire, so it was really fun to see him brought up.

"I am intrigued by Mr. X."

"Mr. X was a pleasant surprise coming completely from left field; he drew me in with his direct and even blunt approach, someone who obviously does not suffer fools." 

"Mr. X was a wonderful new addition to “the crew” and I enjoyed having him on board, too!

"I grew to like him, he has a nice dry wit about him like a cold version of Simon."

So meet the cold version of

Did you check out that countdown clock? That's pretty exciting! Days, not months. It's exciting and a little sad all at once. Kind of like New years Eve when the anticipation builds up and then in that moment when the ball drops, there's nothing left but confetti on the floor. The series has been over two years in the making and I've put a lot of work into developing the story. Readers have been re-reading the books two, three, twelve times. I love that! I've also been a little sneaky with clue dropping. Never think that you necessarily know what's going to happen, but it's the retrospect thing once you finish a book and go back and look at the others that you say, "Ah". There's actually one line mentioned in "Sterling" that you probably won't have that "ah-ha" moment until book five. It's possible that some may grab it with Impulse, but that remains to be seen. I love the reader not knowing what lies ahead, but I like to also get their wheels spinning, because that's exactly the kind of book that I personally enjoy reading.

There's a non paranormal/urban fantasy book that I've been wanting to write for a few weeks now. The idea has been percolating and it would be tragic to tuck it away into a drawer and try to recapture that feeling of the story years later and attempt to write it. The problem is finding TIME. Oh, if I could only elaborate. There are so many projects on the fire that it's become a challenge. I feel like I'm slowly being led to a fork in the road. My current job has a position that I'm aligned for which is a lead position, one with even more responsibilities and demand of my time. It's a great opportunity, and will pay more, but I feel torn because if it takes time away from what I love doing, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm an independent creature who is self-reliant and is in charge of paying all of her own bills, so just quitting the job to take up writing at this point is not a sound decision. But I think about it each and every day, weighing the options and working out the expenses. Perhaps one of these days it will be a reality.

Maybe soon. Maybe never. But you can count on my books, because I'll never stop writing.

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  1. If only there was a magic money wand. We would all wave it in your direction. I am looking forward to following your writing for many years to come!. This was a great blog post to read. And to think I was about to go to sleep and maybe have missed it. Ya got me thinking...