Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mageri Goodness

I'm having a steaming hot cup of the Mageri series this morning. :-)  This was actually sent to me by one of my loyal readers (made with permission) who also created some other awesome stuff. I'd like to think that some swag might be on the horizon in 2013.  As it stands, I have a lot of plates spinning at the moment and going into the busiest season in my day job, it's hard to swing yet another task. The paperbacks are in the works and will be professionally formatted, so it's not going to look cheaply put together. Not unless I botch up my own cover, which I also have to design (front and back). Let's keep our fingers crossed that I can show some skills in that department.
Or else I'll have to fire myself.

Remember that The Mageri Series is available on the Nook! Amazon is the giant when it comes to sales, and as it stands, my sales on Barnes & Noble has been "meh". I wonder if I can talk my local bookstore into just paying me with Godiva chocolate instead. I always have issues with their impulse candy stand right by the register. Damn them for tempting me with chocolate.

I always thought it would be funny if a bookstore had reading rooms (kind of like dressing rooms) where you could go and lay down and read your own books for a small fee. I know there's probably a lot of people with kids and chaos going on at home, and maybe the only time you can read is late at night or sitting in the parking lot in a car. You could rent it by the half hour and they might give you complimentary coffee or cocoa.

Although my date for having "Closer" edited is actually more flexible than my series books, I'm working diligently to get them completed by Oct. 15th. It's great weather for that too, heavy clouds and cool temperatures. I'm bundled up on my sofa, smothered in a fur blanket, sipping a cup of Mageri goodness and pounding away at the keyboard.

Btw, go look at that countdown clock again for Impulse. Excited yet?


  1. Mageri goodness sounds delicious!
    So excited for Impulse to be out.. Really intrigued by Closer too..