Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home Stretch

Going in the final week(s) feels a bit like living in the middle of a tornado. I've got two book releases, two editors, four easy installments (lol), a formatter working on paperbacks which I'm finalizing at the same time, an upcoming blog tour, and a partridge in a pear tree.

On a side note, I had a giant avocado burger and fries about two hours ago, so I'm feeling too stuffed to even care at the moment. I received a few proofs of the paperback formatting and decided that buying a printer would be cheaper than buying the ink. That's not how I normally solve life's problems, but my old printer was about the size of a Buick. Plus, the new one is snazzy and wi-fi, so I can use it with my laptop.


But the printouts looked great and the people I'm working with have been excellent with providing me what I need, no questions, and no "Lady, if you send me one more modification, I'm going to snap."

That's always a plus.

A little word about blog tours: They are a lot of work. I know this, because I did the last one by myself. It required me reaching out, going back and forth between a number of websites, then having to maintain the schedules and keep track of all of the things I had an agreement to provide to them. The email correspondence in itself was enough, because my emails can get heavy at times and keeping track of all of that was a challenge. Not to mention finding which sites would be interested, and coordinating dates. So, I have a wonderful lady who is going to be organizing my next blog tour. She's been very professional, detailed, and has provided me with a number of options which will take a lot of the workload off of me and allow me to focus on writing and editing. Yay Viviana
So go stalk her on Facebook and her website and show some love, and "like".

I also had a great idea for a great giveaway next year when Book 4 is released. It'll be a lot of fun to put this together, so I'm keeping the details under wraps. Nobody is going to win a trip to Disney World, so stop jumping up and down in the back, you two. :-p  But organizing swag hasn't been on my high priority list with everything going on, so this will allow me some time to put some things together for multiple gift packages, and personalize them in a Unique way.

Stop overanalyzing what I just typed. You know who you are. ;-)

This is really crunch time and I have a lot going on at once. I'm going to check in with my editor on the day the book is due back to me and see what we're looking at. I need ample time to make the adjustments, and Friday's date is starting to look scary close to me. I would think at the latest it would be next week, but keep your fingers crossed.

"Closer" should be coming back to me this week and that's exciting. I'll be able to schedule a release date and maybe look into the option of paperbacks. I have a lot of expenses all at once and then there's that Christmas thing looming around the corner. Do you buy novellas in paperback? We'll see how the book does first.

A big thanks to all of you loyal readers who keep hanging around for more.


  1. I can see you are getting nervous now and i really don't blame you but i think you know we are all behind you 100% this book will be a hit.:)

  2. There is definitely a lot going on all at once - something I didn't have going on with the previous book releases. Thank God I know how to Thanks so much for the support :))

  3. It is amazing at how expressive & passionate you are about your books - hobbies - creations. Following your blogs - posts feels like an extension of your books. It feels as if we are apart of the story and we can not get enough. The anticipation is almost unbearable, but your stories and life are a refreshing change in our lives. Thank you for your continuing love and expression and creativity.

  4. omgmg holy fudge muffins I will finally get my mageri fix I have wishin and hoping for it to come wish I could comment linking to my fb account give ya more publicity just thought I'd give you a colorful break from all your worries B-) with my mindless jibberjabber

  5. I keep coming every other day or so to look at the release date counter as if that will make the time pass faster. I've had to re-read Sterling twice to tide me over.