Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well, today was my Friday. I left work early, came home, and completed the last edits on "Closer". Thanks to LifeIsBetterWithBooks. No publication date has been set at this time. I want to wait for "Impulse" to get on everyone's Kindle first, and then when you're starting to feel the itch for more of the Mageri World, Closer will be there for you. :-)  I'm looking at Nov-Dec.

I have a different editor working on Impulse, and she's working tirelessly into the weekend and will be providing me with the book in segments so that I can get started on editing right away.

Happy Dance!

I think I did pretty good with guestimating a release date. The 26th didn't happen, but we're pretty close, and sometimes delays happen, even with big publishing houses.

I'd just like to say a little word about why driving can be a dangerous thing for me. I've heard writers talk about how their inspirations come while showering, taking a moonlit walk at night, or gazing out a window at a scenic view.

Anyone who follows me on Facebook or my blogs knows that I get a lot of ideas while driving in my beat up car. I probably should use those recording devices, except I hate the sound of my voice. When I'm at work, I  think about smaller details in a story, but I always get the big bang "Ah-ha's" in the car.

While driving.

Usually over 40mph in a construction zone, scribbling away on a pocket spiral notebook. So there's Dannika Dark, flying down a busy street in her champagne colored car, clipping innocent squirrels and damaging her tires knocking into the curb, all for the sake of getting the story down.

Well, I'm exaggerating on the squirrels.

I'm the most productive with working out plot details in the morning because my brain is all fresh (don't tell the Zombies) and the creative juices are flowing. I got up at 4:30 this morning and was writing for two hours before I went to work. Then in the car...guess what?

Yeah, you got it.

"Book White" has temporarily hijacked my brain, and it gives me a break from the Mageri series. I'm excited about the characters and story, and would like to try to keep this one on the side for those off moments when I have nothing to work on. I'm not sure at this time when I'll gear up to start working on Mageri Series Book 4. I need a short break.I have a ton of notes to wade through. Lots of crazy things are planned.

Just keep in mind when you read Sterling, Twist, and eventually Impulse, that there's more. Twist had some answers to Sterling, and Impulse will have some additional answers. There's another book in the wings, and probably a fifth. It's a journey. So keep speculating. Keep imagining.

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