Sunday, October 28, 2012

Closer Release date Announcement

"CLOSER", a novella, will published on December 7, 2012.
A countdown clock has been added to the left side of this blog!

As we are on the heels of the much anticipated release of "Impulse" (Mageri Series: Book 3), I wanted to allow readers enough time to either catch up on the series, or read the third installment. Not everyone has the opportunity to read a release immediately, and we're fast approaching a very hectic time of year with shopping, family, and crazy winter weather.

"Closer" will be a great little novella to look forward to near the holiday season, something to snuggle up to on a chilly night. Something to get you through the stretch between now and Mageri series: Book 4. Prior to that release, the paperbacks will be out!

A blog tour is also running for IMPULSE (Check out my Blog Tour link above). Be sure to follow it as it goes Nov 12 - Dec 11. We have a lot of blogs participating, and there will be fun posts, interviews, as well as a giveaway. Lots of opportunities to continue entering the giveaway as you follow the tour, so keep checking in and I will begin adding the tour dates once they are finalized.


  1. Great news! We signed up for your tour, looking forward to it!


    1. Can't wait to stop by; it's going to be fun!