Thursday, October 11, 2012

Character Spotlight: Finnegan

Thought it might be fun to do something a little different on the blog today. Finn is one of the sub characters of The Mageri Series and one I haven't done any fan art or put any attention on. I love all of my characters, and Finn has a special place in my heart. So just giving him a little attention; the boy deserves it.

Nickname: Finn, or "Little Wolf" (By Logan)

Breed: Shifter

Animal: Wolf

Hair: Shaggy brown, just covering his ears. Not straight, but with a bit of a wave at the ends.

Eyes: Hazel

Body: Lean, sloped shoulders with an elfin smile.

Age: Unknown, but he thinks he's around 22

Tats/Marks: Branded with the letter "N" by Nero, who previously owned him.

Personality: Easy going, likes to talk a lot and is inquisitive with a sense of humor. He eagerly wants to make friends and connect with others, yet he's not very good with social skills and physical interaction; almost like someone who is autistic, but it has to do with his physical treatment after his father sold him as a boy. Doesn't always look people in the eye during conversations.

Hobbies: Wood carving and is very skilled

Habits: Tries to cover his ears with his hair- he's very self conscious because they stick out a little.

Bio: Formerly a slave to Nero and passed around during his childhood in a form of illegal trading. Owning a Shifter is against the law, but his knowledge of such things is only limited to what he's learned in captivity. He's a smart young man even though he's never been to school and has a desire to learn. Almost lost his life and was freed by Silver. Logan Cross, a Chitah, has taken him in to become part of his family. How will Finn adjust to a normal life living among a Breed that is not his own?

When you belong to someone for that many years, you forget how to belong to yourself. While my chains were physical, Finn’s were psychological, and this was something I knew a little about.

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  1. Love finn just want to hug him so looking forward to Impulse to find out more..xx