Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Three: The Saga

Just to keep everyone in the loop, the release date of Oct. 26 for IMPULSE (which I threw out there for fun) doesn't look possible. I do not have the book back from my editor yet and final revisions still have to be done, which take time. Please, no tears.

Everyone has been so patient thus far, and it's not as if I'm delaying it by It should still be in a week, but right now I have NO clue since I don't have the book in my hands yet. I'm not going to be bummed about it, because the date was always tentative. I may have learned a hard lesson that it's better to be vague with my release dates, because people will hold you to them, and stuff happens. I thought there was a really good chance of having it out early based on conversations I had, but it just didn't happen.


I do have a book tour in the works, so please check out the BLOG TOUR link on the menu bar of my blog! More information will follow, including the crazy fun we're going to have.

If you are a book blogger/reviewer, there is a contact email for inquiries. Appearances are booking up, so I'd love to hear from you if you would like to be part of this!

"Book white" (see my WIP page) has really grabbed my attention. Slow and steady wins the race on this one, and I'm fine tuning each chapter repeatedly in segments prior to moving on. This is helping me develop the characters and work out the story arc. I've got a real good idea of where it's going (and all my trips in the car going to work help me to brainstorm). I'm having a ton of fun writing this (as where book yellow was writing itself, but I just wasn't as in love) and plan to keep it on the side. The two books are unique: Book Yellow has a story concept I love, while Book White, I fell in love with the characters. I'm a very character driven person, and I suppose that's why I've become so attached to it.

Once I start editing Mageri series: Book 4, this book will go to the side so that I have no distractions. That's why I'm working on it now, trying to get down as much info as I can. The direction of the book has also taken a surprising turn, and while I haven't written out this revelation, it's already bubbling in my head and I have that evil Vincent Price laugh going on.

Aside from that, I've been working with my event planner for the blog, my formatter for the prints, and my editor for "Closer". It's been a crazy month.

I'm not sure why on God's green earth my boss has decided to make me the editor, but every document that my team creates (be it a tip sheet, proposal, guide, etc.), she has directed them to me for a full grammar check. Now over the years, I've created a ton of documents at work, including procedures and manuals. But damn, I HATE EDITING. Drafting is okay, writing is the bomb, but editing? I am not an editor. I have been doing this with my books and growling through the process, and now I'm having to spend my days at work checking other people's grammar and punctuation? Seriously.

Of course, I may have brought this on myself when I was looking over a legal document and spotted a typo and missing Oxford comma. I should probably just keep my mouth shut and let other people look ignorant. But on a side note, I'm a writer, not an editor. I can do a basic check, but anything in depth, please consult a professional.

I need a T-shirt that says: "This is not in my job description."

So, hold onto your knickers (ha, I almost typed "knockers", so thank God I spell-checked that one!), Impulse is coming soon. I will post information on my Blog, Facebook Page (which feeds to Twitter), and newsletter. The newsletter will be sent as soon as I hit the publish button, and another once the book is actually "live". So if you want to sign up, it's on my blog on the lefthand menu bar. Just be sure to periodically check your SPAM folder.

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