Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog Stop & Giveaway

I've paid a visit to a new book blogger, so be sure to stop by and show some love. I was asked to be part of the launch party which was super exciting.

There is a "Justus in Profile", as well as a snippet from Impulse and some really awesome Mageri series keychains! You know you want Silver in your pocket and to take Justus wherever you go. :)


I'll also have some news within the next few days on something else I've been meaning to do. I have to wait until I get a confirmation and I'll share it on the blog and Facebook page. It should make some people out there pretty happy.

Impulse is still with the editor and I'm starting to miss my baby. The slow-building anticipation up to the release is kind of fun, I have to admit. I'm sure there will be a lot of chatter going on and part of me wants to slink into Logan's cave and hide out for a few weeks. I need a long nap as it's been a long journey to get this book published. You have no idea.

Closer is still in the final editing stages. The release date is not scheduled as I need to have a breather after Impulse. I'm thinking that November will likely be the month vs December, but we'll see. The cover is finalized which is really great, and it's placed on Goodreads and all the social sites that I'm on, along with a brief blurb. It always seems as if every book I write I'm taking chances - a leap of faith that there is an audience out there for this story. The Mageri series found it's family, and my hope is that Closer will too.

Paperbacks are in the works. I'm having them professionally formatted and will be tasked with doing the full cover design myself. If they don't come out late this year, it will be in the first quarter of next year. That's a great filler until you get the fourth book of the Mageri series.

And please don't ask me when that's coming out. ;-)

Now hope on over to the link above and enter for your keychains!

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  1. Thanks Dannika for stopping by and being part of the party!!!

    To your Fans, THANKS for stopping by, hanging out with us and showing your love!! :)

    Totally Appreciate It!!! :)