Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update on Book Three

Book 3 of the Mageri Series: IMPULSE
I have finally turned in my book to the editor! *throws confetti*  Some people have a baby after 8 months, I have a book. As stated before, I don't want to set a date until I am sure that I can keep to it. I don't know how long the editor will need, but with it being close to 130,000 words (I keep saying pages, but it's words), I don't mind if she takes her time. It's about the quality.

My 8 ball is still saying that all signs point to yes for October.

Hoping for a little rally behind the book. I'm going to get in touch with some book blogs for another tour and hoping that readers are kind enough to post reviews, rate the book, recommend it, and love it as much as I do. It still blows my mind whenever I see someone say they've re-read the series; what a tremendous compliment. Be sure to hunt me down on Facebook - there's also a Mageri group forming and they are devoted readers!

I'm going to slide into a few books for a while before doing any serious work. I may edit here and there, but I want "Closer" (my novella) to marinate before I hit it again. I've already designed the cover and it will require a little tweaking. The release date will be this year although I don't know when - it will depend on when I feel like it's closer to being done. I'll do a fancy pants cover reveal (probably like I normally do where I just spring it on you out of nowhere). Or do you guys really want a countdown date?

What makes me happy is that the series is re-readable for so many, and maybe that will help tide everyone over during the wait for the next book. Somehow, you managed to survive 8 months. I hope that the fourth book will be quicker. But regardless of when it comes out, it's more important that it really be a solid story.


  1. dannika dont be nervous it will be great just like the last books and u know we have your back making comments, recommends and raving reviews! congrats and enjoy your well deserved down time!!~ jamie

  2. Simon knows his sh..tuff! I'm so psyched to get my hands on Impulse I can hardly think of anything else and the MDF members are so pumped for it too..the comments are overflowing. We have over 50 people join in since I created the group just a week ago. You created this world that we all fell in love with and a lot of us treat and speak of the characters as if they were real people.. You did that! you brought a series of lives TO life.. You made us believe, and care, and respect what you do, and when you can do that with fiction It's pretty impressive and really damn amazing! I hope you know how much we love you and your work and I hope you are proud of yourself. Because WE are so very proud of you!

  3. Be sure to let me know when you want some promo, I'll be sure to do an article on my website :-)

  4. Oh, this is so true! Even if it just happened on your "iPhone". lol Can't wait!