Sunday, September 9, 2012


I was cleaning out my jewelry chest and found one of my favorite pendants. It's an interesting story because when writing Sterling, there's a scene at the end where I needed Justus to give Silver something that was tempered with magic--infused with energy. When I got to that scene, I thought of several things and finally decided on a necklace. A ring seemed like a strange gift for him to give her and could have all kinds of hidden innuendos, so I went against it.

Something easily hidden beneath a shirt or tucked inside of a bra. This was one of the few things about me that ended up in the book. (My cat licking the window pane is the other). The challenge as an author is to not only incorporate what you know, but what you don't know. There are a number of things I've included in this book I can't relate to - like how delicious an omelet is. Seriously? I'm not into eating bland eggs. :-p

Then again, maybe I've just never had one of Adam's world famous omelets.

I thought I'd show you the dragon pendant from Sterling that Justus gave to Silver. Mine is a little beat up from the years. Now I just need to find some mood rings online and complete the ensemble..LOL

Also in a drawer was this envelope, which I'd already forgotten about. It was a pretty big day getting my first paycheck for "Sterling", and very exciting to cash it out. I could probably have dinner at Chili's with this money, but it's mine and I didn't want to spend my first earnings for something I was so proud of. So, I sealed it up in an envelope. I probably should just take a dollar out of there and frame it like normal people, but it was fun being able to earn and not spend my first dollar. It's dated 2012 because Amazon pays us on a 60 day delay. I also saved my first UK paycheck, but that mostly has to do with the fact that I couldn't get anyone to cash it and went to a Travel company and filled out a bunch of paperwork and had to go back on a Monday to get them to pay me. What a rigamarole!

We hold onto a lot of things in our lives that don't really mean anything. I have a motto: If you don't love it, get rid of it. So when you walk into my apartment, you'll see that I'm surrounded by things that I really love, and that mean something special to me. Even if it is just an envelope tucked away in a drawer.

And hey, times might get hard one day and I might need to dip into that cash to get me some Chili's!


  1. Somethings are really worth holding on to.... they hold more than just a material value, they hold moments and memories. I like the fact that you haven't opened your first paycheque from the books. I have a letter that I was sent a few years ago... I have never opened it and instead purchased a block of wax and a seal to seal it tight. Now everytime I get tempted to open the letter I look at the red embossed wax seal and regain my composure, placing the envelope back into the drawer.

    Dannika, reading your posts and your observations always provide a magical and enjoyable experience xoxo

    1. You have a letter that you've never read? That's quite intriguing. Thanks G ;-)