Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Update

This is my first attempt at promotional art. I decided that I'm going to spend a little time creating a few more images, as I'm sure I'll finally get a few that look really sharp. Feel free to use this on your blogs or elsewhere.

I get a lot of similar questions so I'll answer them here:

Q: Are you going to post on Nook?
A: I rule nothing out, but right now I don't have immediate plans to. I'm exclusively on Amazon and there are a few reasons behind that unrelated to being in the KDP select program (which I'm not). Sales are not high on other sites and books can often be more difficult  to stumble upon on B&N. It's not to say I never will, but right now I'm working on other projects and if this happens, it will be next year. See question below. Those who do not have a Kindle can still enjoy Kindle exclusive books. Amazon offers an application you can download to your PC/laptop, phone, iPad, etc., that will allow you to read the books not offered elsewhere. I have the app on my laptop that I still use sometimes, and did so before I got a Kindle.

Q: Paperback plans?
A. Yes! Next year, 2013. That is on my priority list to get the books out in paperback. It will require me to hire someone to format (I don't have time to do this myself) and I will have to personally design the full jacket - so it's a project.

Q: When is Impulse coming out?
Book three is due this Fall. Keep your eyes on my blog and Facebook page as I will only have a better idea of the date when my editor has the copy and I can get an update from her. I'm on my last edit and 80% in. I'm booked with my editor mid-September and they could have it up to four weeks.

Q: Are there more books in the series?
A. Yes. Book four will require a lot of work and I do not know when the release date will be because of the extensive editing it will involve. I plan to write a book five because of a few plot developments I want resolved, so that's why book four will require a bit of an overhaul.

Q: Do you have other books planned?
I am hoping to release a Novella this year. Additionally, I have written a number of other novels, and some are part of a series. They are all within the Mageri world, but some revolve around other Breed types. I think it's exciting to know what's coming, and I hope readers look forward to another adventure with a new set of characters!

I love the anticipation that builds around a book release, and honestly I wish that I could produce them much faster. As I've stated before, I do have a day job so the time I can work on my books is very limited and consumes my evenings. I do this because I love it, and wouldn't it be a great thing if someday I could say that it's my full-time job. That will always depend on the readers, and how involved they are in my world and stories.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of my readers who have been supporting this series with mentions, tweets, shares, and interacting with me online! Continue to show support for indie books by posting your reviews on Amazon (it's super easy), Goodreads, and I am really crossing my fingers for a phenomenal book launch for IMPULSE. If you want to help push this book, please consider posting your review on these sites as soon as possible! Making it visible on the Bestseller list will be an awesome accomplishment, as well as making it visible to those who haven't read the series!!

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