Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coming Events

Oct 1 - Be sure to check out my blog where I will do the cover reveal of "CLOSER", a novella. I will also post a description with the cover, which I've never done ahead of publication. That means I'll have to write something up within the next week, and it may not be the description I put up on Amazon once the book is for sale, but it will give you an idea of what this story is about.

Oct 26 - The tentative release date for "IMPULSE". There is a possibility that it could change, so keep your eyes pealed and watch the countdown clock on my blog. I will adjust if needed, and also make any big announcements.

Did you get one? Huh? Did ya? I sent out my first newsletter to alert readers who may not follow Facebook or my blog of some of the upcoming events. Be sure to sign up; the link is located on the left menu bar of my blog. Facebook doesn't display all of my posts on your newsfeed, I'll have you know.

I was posting on my personal page that my book being with the editor felt a lot like leaving your child with the babysitter. I keep wanting to call and see if it's okay, if its behaving itself. No doubt when my child is returned to me, the babysitter will have drawn a red ink pen all over it. It's going to be a very busy month for me and I'm trying to cram in reading in between.

I'm also in talks to get my books in paperback either later this year or early next year. These are additional expenses and will require me to do some additional work. Just be forewarned that the last page image in Twist will likely end up being on a page as a B&W; they cannot put that on the back inside cover.  Seeing it in its full glory will be an ebook exclusive. The only part of paperbacks most readers don't know is that I have no control over the minimum price. Well, I have minimum control based on the book's dimensions, but not much. However, those who love the series enough that they want it in physical book form will have that option (as will I!), especially anyone with an ereader other than Kindle.

I don't listen to music while I write because it's a huge distraction from my creative thought process, as well as an outer influence that I do not want. However, I do listen to my MP3 player and think about scenes and the books. Then I create playlists which I have up on, but I really dislike the layout of that site now and my flashplayer is constantly crashing. CONSTANTLY! So, I'm moving some of those over to another place. I've already created one for "Closer"; I keep hearing songs on the radio or elsewhere that make me think of scenes. I'll post that after the book release for readers who might find it interesting.

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