Monday, August 6, 2012

What Justus Said

Maybe I shouldn't have given my number out to my characters.

I've been spending a little time on the novella and I'm really excited and nervous. I've never written anything so short (usually my novels exceed 100,000 words) and it's currently at 25,000. A novella begins at 17,000. The topic is also very...unique. It has a little paranormal spin, but it's not dripping with it. The story is also in the Mageri world and takes place in Cognito (heh, sort of). New characters, but one of them has ties to a character in the Mageri series.

Will my existing readers like it? I sure hope so! But it would be pretty awesome to reach new readers with this novella.

The working title is "CLOSER". My goal is to try and have it out this year. Kane was pretty insistent that I write his story.

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