Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sterling Revision

Sterling received a long overdue edit, and my editor was gracious enough to leave the story intact and focus on polishing up the content. So, there are no changes to the document outside of punctuation & grammar. It's a cleaner version I can be proud of and is it perfect? No. I've seen published books from major publishing houses release books with errors in them, and some things are "interpretational". (Is that a word? Where is my editor??) ;-)

At this time, I'm not sure how you can get the new copy if you're interested. I know some people cannot get around a missing quote or period, and everyone should have the latest version. I had to repurchase mine, but I'm emailing Amazon to see if there is a way, should readers want to.

I'm 50% done with editing Impulse, and my goal is to exceed 60% this weekend. I want enough time to do a final read-through before handing it over to the editor. I also want to be able to enjoy my vacation next week without "working"! :)

Thanks to those who continue to send me email and msgs expressing your love for the series, and those of you who have made fan-art. :) Kindlegraphs will usually take 3-7 days, but I will honor all requests. My emails are currently backed up as the editing has been intense and sucked up all of my time.

Things at work are not going great and adding unneeded stress on my life, but it helps me focus in on what really matters to me. Well, paying my bills always matters, but so does writing. Someday, I hope those two forces can join together!

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