Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nominated for Best Book/Author - Cast your vote!

Be sure to cast your vote and show your love! I've been nominated for best book and author on Grave Tells, so where are my peeps? :)


I'm getting anxious for my holiday to begin with Friday off. I'm going to set a goal of hitting 75% completion by Friday and I think that's achievable. I haven't been tracking my percentage measurements per day like I should to keep myself on track. I'm also back end editing while at work on my break/lunch, so that's helping me get more done.

Sterling has been picking up steam on the UK Charts - thanks to all my UK'ers out there across the pond! The kids are back in school, so a lot of moms are looking for something to read. It's the perfect time to pick up The Mageri Series and have it read by the time book three is released.


  1. Voted and twitted about it! Pulling for you Dannika, I really hope you win cause you deserve it! I got 6 friends to buy your both of your books last week.. they are going crazy too! A few others saw my "Reading is sexy" picture/post on facebook and inquired about your books. I pointed them to your blog and FB page.

    On a different note, I want to say that I Looooove the girl on the cover of Impulse. She's got a mesmerizing Beauty. I was just now staring at the cover for a few minutes thinking that is the closest image to Silver.. Beautiful, defiant, captivating! No doubt "everyone's type". Can't wait for Impulse to come out.. it's driving me insane!(long sigh)

  2. Thanks Nina! I love the support and think it's really special when the readers are behind your work so much :)

    I'm so glad you like the "cover girl". I debated with a face-forward image because they can be hit and miss. Lots of readers are put off by the chosen model, or would rather imagine them. This one really seemed to capture her spirit and you can almost see the fire in her expression. :)