Monday, August 27, 2012

News Update


I am looking forward to my holiday weekend this week! I have Friday off, pretty much the last day off I can take this year, and that will give me a four day weekend. I'm going to work on my edits all week so that I can have some fun on my vacation! I will probably do some editing, because I'm a workaholic and that is my nature, but I also plan to watch some movies, shop, eat out, and get a little sunshine!

In other news, I've bumped up "STERLING" from 99c to $1.99. It's only a dollar increase, but I may have tapped out the 99cent shoppers and at this point, I don't see it as a dramatic pricing shift. I still want to keep it lower than the rest of the series, and hope that shoppers are willing to pay. It's a competitive market out there with all the free books, so please feel free to recommend The Mageri Series to your friends, book clubs, blogs, tweets, and fellow readers! Especially with kids back in school,  moms may have time to read again and are on the search for a new series.

I created a couple of fun Mageri Series Quizzes on Goodreads. They're tough! So I'm testing out your knowledge. So check it out, and see if you know your stuff.

Be sure to complete the poll on my blog of who your favorite character is in TWIST. I will take down this poll when IMPULSE comes out, and put up a new one for Impulse, because I love to see the comparison between previous books and know the impact the characters are having on my readers.

Should I, as the author, be laughing out loud at my own book? I don't know if that is a sign that the lines are great or I need some medication. In any case, I have to say that Simon always takes the cake.

Aw, I like this image of Sunny. But some of the guys on my Facebook page felt there was too much clothing going on here and it was a distraction. I'm always willing to accommodate my readers, so you'll have to check out my Facebook page and see what I made for them.

I was just thinking that I had planned to get a fish. What the heck happened with that idea? Oh yeah, I had a coworker of mine telling me about how his jumped the tank, and it reminded me of my suicidal beta named Freddy who met his demise in the air filter. sigh


  1. Yikes that quote is scorching hot! I must start Twist very soon! :-)

    1. Yes, you must! :) Would love to know what you think of it