Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hard Knox Life

Knox may not be an easy man to warm up to, but I wanted to give a little shout out to one of the guys who gets a little overrun by some of the other leading men. I love all my characters in different ways, and realize that readers tend to connect with the prominent ones.

Born soldier, and as we learn about his childhood, we learn why he's a man who uses his fists to do all the talking. But when it comes to the love of a good woman, he softens, and it makes him want to be the kind of man he's never allowed himself to be with anyone.

I really enjoyed writing Knox in "Twist", because in book one we only see him in a couple of scenes. I like perceptional characters - one's we make immediate stereotypes of - because it's a challenge to introduce another layer of them to the readers. You scrape off a little bit off the top and you find out what's inside. What makes them tick? Why are they like that? With that tight knit hat, you can imagine the boy he once was - picked on by other kids until his ears stung with embarrassment. Picked on by his father who brought him up in a house where he had no mother, and the only women he saw were the promiscuous whores he brought home after a night of drinking. What kind of impression does this leave for a kid?

Knox respected women, but deep down never felt worthy of the good ones. Not until one comes along that changes his life, shows him a protective side, a nurturing side, and spins him like a top.

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