Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting a head start

This is the last weekend before the betas turn in their work. I was going to get some stuff done, read, and maybe go to a movie. But there's been a bit of an upheaval in the family as my brothers family evacuated their home due to wildfires and run the risk of losing their home. So, we've all been watching the news and keeping in contact with one another.

Since some of the betas did turn in their stuff early, I decided to get a jump start on it last night. Can I just say that my betas are awesome? THIS is why you need extra eyes looking at your book. Does this sentence make sense? Who is talking? This dialogue suddenly shifts, and I'm lost. I think this character needs more description.

Aside from all the comments, my manuscript has been cleaned up with some sharp eyes. It was also enlightening to see who was taken by surprise, and how they reacted as a reader to certain twists in the book. This is the longest of the three books that will be published because I really wanted to put more information in here than less. I do not plan to extend this series until oblivion, only as far as it needs to go to get the story told. My plan is five books, but i have to write the fifth to see what happens.

I really want a stopping point because I think that's healthy in a series. There's always an open door if another book has to be told.

I've been up since 5am this morning doing some light editing. Might as well get all the little stuff out of the way before the final revision.

When looking at my covers, I was thinking about the color purple. (not the movie) It seems to be a continuing theme. There's even a scene in one of the books where her mood ring turns violet. The Internet has some interesting facts about this color. I'll let you Google that yourself.

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